Three Obscure Memories, Memory number 2. Thailand.

After yesterday’s three melodies found on my voice recording app, this second piece of music from my time in Bangkok was recorded in a shopping centre on the Sukhumvit road. It was a big festival of all things Thai. Ameena who helped to nanny, her nephew, Thor and myself spent an evening enjoying the music, the dancing and the amazing food of Thailand. Yes, she is the Thai lady featured in this compilation of images. I do miss Ameena. She was very kind.

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18 thoughts on “Three Obscure Memories, Memory number 2. Thailand.”

  1. Wonderful memories ~ thanks for sharing, Andi.
    Sending a woof woof from Hank to Remus and Gracie ~ I am just about to take Hank on a walk on this gorgeous Sunday morning!

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  2. Lovely and uplifting music, Andi, and such wonderful memories of your family and Ameena. And the food, that local Thai food looks yummy! Thank you for sharing that.

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      1. Thai food was huge in our city about a decade ago. And we loved it. We still have lots of Thai restaurants but not the frenzied craze it once was. Hubby and I ordered it recently during lockdown and it was delicious. I make a green curry from time to time with chicken. The flavors of Thai cuisine was so great. Now that you got me thinking about it, might order/make some in the near future! Thai green mango salad is one of my faves.

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      2. That’s amazing to hear Ab. Ordering in is quite okay! You know it has been made with passion! You can tell that just from the taste! Lol though I usually make my own. Your green curry sounds great. The green mango salad too. 😋

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