Britain’s Best Parent

Given Channel 4’s copyrights to the show, I can sadly report that any informal showing of any snippet of the show is not possible at this time!

Thank you for your understanding.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

34 thoughts on “Britain’s Best Parent”

  1. We just watched your videos, boys.
    And we think you’re doing an awesome job. Note that we’re not kid specialists but the way you create so much joy and fun for them is so cool.

    Hugs from Norge!

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      1. I’ll give it a few weeks as the production company may still be monitoring the families social media! But I suppose I could embed the video on a separate page on my site! I’ll let you know Ab.


  2. I loved getting a glimpse of your family in action! All those paper crowns and outdoor fun remind me of when I was little. My mother made me and my siblings felt crowns with our names embroidered on them. 🙂

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  3. Thanks so much for posting this Andi – it was lovely to see your amazing family ‘in real’! The kids all looked so happy – I’m all for your parenting style, in fact made me think that maybe I’m too regimented without meaning to be!

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    1. That is so kind of you Catherine. We are of course, just a loving family, though with all still so young, we have to embrace a certain amount of chaos. The piñata was fun, though the production company had to insure against possible mishaps! You have to smile 😉


  4. Thrilled I got to watch parts of it! I love the idea of structured chaos, I think it prepares children for the reality of what lies ahead in life and will help them to adjust and stay balanced when they find themselves in situations where they have very little or even no control. A very out of the box parenting style and like any other I’m sure it’s challenging at times but I’m pleased to see it works for you guys. Well done!

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