Sunday Morning

Lou Reid and the Velvet Underground, great track… though I’m sure that his Sunday mornings were never quite the same as mine tend to be!

At present Daddy and Amritsar are engaged in a game of chess on the living room coffee table. Aaliyah is trying to line up dominoes on the bellows for the fire, in an attempt to achieve what Tara has just done! Make them all topple in sequence. Remus is standing besides her, looking on in wonderment! She’s getting agitated now! I have just asked Thor for the tenth time to put a pair of underpants on! He is still refusing. Aaliyah has lost her temper, now screaming, she has flung every domino to the four winds.

Finally Thor is heading upstairs to find some underpants in the draw, Aaliyah now running up behind him screaming.

Gracie is snuggled beside me and Remus now stands at the bay window, eyes closed, pointing his nose into the warm sunlight that is beaming through.

Caleb gets up from the large cushion in front of the television. The one that used to be the dog bed. The dogs never used it however, favouring the comfort of the sofas! He heads upstairs also.

Aaliyah has returned with two of her toy dogs and has snuggled up with Gracie. Thor returns with his underpants and joins Tara, now sat at the television, watching Mr Bean.

The sound of a chainsaw outside! A neighbour is having their overgrown eucalyptus tree trimmed. The chess game over now! Amritsar has won. But did Daddy allow this to happen? She is good mind you, but she shouldn’t let it go to her head now, should she?

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

31 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

      1. My sincere pleasure. Yes, very true indeed. Even more so now, I believe, due to the fragility of life with all of the world’s problems looming over us like a dark cloud. Our families are our light!

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  1. There is never a dull moment with your family, Andi 🙂
    Moments to treasure and remember ~ so enjoyed reading about your Sunday!
    Love the smile on Amritsar’s face in the video!
    My day is just starting as I slept in later than usual.(love getting a little extra sleep!)
    Wishing all of you a wonderful rest of your day ~ xx

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    1. Good day Margie. I am about to serve up the Sunday family roast as 5pm is nearing! A small lie-in for you sounded perfect! I myself stayed in my bed until 7.30am. A small lie in maybe! But business as usual otherwise. Better dash, the vegetables are the final thing to get cooked! Listening to relaxing classical music in the background! The children sent upstairs to fifty their room! Speak soon xx

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      1. Feeling full and contented! Everyone watching the last of Finding Nemo before bedtime. Then a few hours to relax. Hopefully speak tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your day 😊


      1. 😂 I still have not memorized all your children’s names, clearly. Sorry about that. 🙂 The child in the video is who I was referring to.

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  2. Sounds like everyone would love to hear me call them everyone else’s name. Lol my two kids find it funny that I mess up there’s and it’s just two of them.

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