Goodbye to the Summer

With today being the ‘Autumn Equinox’, it is fitting to say goodbye to the Summer and thank you to it for so many happy memories. Excuse the pictures, I think this weekends picnic saw just these taken at the West Berkshire County Show. I hope you liked my ‘Fun Fair Frolics’ video yesterday?

Our nanny Sindy was also back from her travels today and resumed the school run, allowing Daddy to return to work and Dadda to once again get Jammin’! Today saw the damson crop pulped and fused with lemon juice and sugar, making this years offering of delicious damson Jam. No pectin needed as damsons, like plums are naturally very high in pectin. I also dried the crop of mint in the microwave instead of my dehydrator, making a speedy process of it! Fused with apple pulp and sugar and boiled until a firm set was inevitable, there now sits 6 jars of Dadda’s mint jelly. Not for buttery toast, rather a roast (leg of lamb) that is sat in the freezer. You know you can’t beat ‘homemade anything’, can you? In addition to this, last years crabapple juice was thawed from the freezer and boiled up with sugar to make the most amazing crabapple jelly, set to perfection and pinky purple in colour – amazing with roast pork and crackling.

The fitness trainer is back in the morning, so I had better refrain from overdoing the calories, but I believe tonight’s spaghetti puttanesca (cooked today) is an extremely healthy overindulgence. So why not go for it?

Aaliyah and Caleb are presently playing catch, running around the new living room coffee table. Now Tara and Amritzy are fighting for lappy privileges.

Sindy has just said to all of the children, just how much they were missed. Nite nite all.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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