Hot Air Balloon Collage

For the reception year induction, our little ones were asked to talk to their teachers and classmates about their summer holidays. On our meeting with three of the teaching staff last month, we were given three sparkly, refractive cut outs of hot air balloons. Today I chopped up photographs as the printer at home is still not working and pritt sticked the hell out of a few of our summertime memories.

The collages are going into school tomorrow and I believe that when all thirteen children in the class have finished the project (or rather their parents have found the time), they will be talking about their summer holidays to the rest of their class.

Definitely something for the memory box’s ‘additional items box’. Tara and Amritsar’s balloons are somewhere in the wardrobe! Just thinking how big the ‘additions! Box might end up being!

Just a thought – maybe we should attach the balloons to the tops of the baby Boxes now that they are sealed for the next fifteen years? There’s an idea! These memory balloons will be stuck to the wall at school for the next few months, but when they return home – we will have a small piece of time standing still to include in their future historical reminders of childhood. I have to smile xx

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