Mega Breakdown at the School Gate!

And just who would you imagine had the breakdown? To be honest, there were a number of mini meltdowns by both Thor and Caleb after they had exited from their classroom. The emotional traumas were mostly associated with the PTFA selling ice cream and lollies in the school yard. I knew it would lead to trouble. I said to John ‘This will lead to trouble’ and guess what? It lead to trouble – complete screamy tantrums from both Caleb (having dropped his ice cream within minutes), then Thor, mostly venting his unjustified anger, running around like a thunderstorm, preparing his little bolts of lightening and energised screams of thunder for all the waiting mums and dads to endure.

Daddy had to pick him up in the end and put him under his arm in order to get him to the car, but his tantrum continued, if anything he was getting louder and louder and so very angry. Legs were kicking and his high pitched screaming was his very vocal contribution to this afternoons school pickup. Caleb had settled once his ice cream had been replaced.

I do not believe that Caleb could have conceived possible competition to Thor’s starring roll in what can only be explained as hellish, a moment that was extremely upsetting for both Daddy and Dadda.

Not a good end to his second week at ‘Big School’. I only hope that with our nanny Sindy’s return on Monday, his behaviour settles. There’s no going back. Thor will adapt, in time…

As parents, come on – you don’t like your child to be unhappy, but you also have to note when a child decides to bring you down a peg or two (usually with an audience). It is upsetting.

Well, there’s no ‘screen time’ thanks to the ‘scream time’ on the horizon for the foreseeable – I’m looking for a little more ‘Harmony in the Home’ before Thor enjoys his ‘Crossy Road’ again.

It is a big day out with a picnic tomorrow, finishing off with a barbecue on our terrace. An update on that tomorrow perhaps. But just for now I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the evening, some grown up time to cleanse away those little traumas from ones mind and looking forward with the inherent optimism we parents rely on for a happy home. So fingers crossed for tomorrow’s big day out X

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

2 thoughts on “Mega Breakdown at the School Gate!”

  1. We have an ice cream van that parks just by the school gates on sunny days. Absolutely deadly.
    Wait until your PTFA thinks of having a bake sale, new levels of sugared up craziness to look forward to!
    Keep up the good work Daddy and Dadda!

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