Easter Sunday

Easter Egg hunt, cancelled. Daddy and Dadda, raised voices. The children, all now sat besides the television (it’s 3.30pm), relatively quietly, in their Jim jams. Caleb and Daddy, back off to the hospital (25 miles away) for a long wait at A&E. Reason being a sopping wet plaster cast. An ever bigger pile of laundry sat in the kitchen. This morning the terrace was tidied and manicured. This afternoon, world war three has left us its scarred battlefield. Tara looking most guilty for the quagmire of water, sand and mud. Sunday, slow roast shoulder of lamb and roast potatoes, cancelled. They’re now quiet. The bliss of that! Though more words might be said by Daddy in a raised voice in a few hours on their return from hospital. I was sunbathing on the lawn for 30 minutes. They were playing on the terrace. John went inside for 20 minutes to make a few phone calls. What he returned to – complete disaster. After Thursdays events with the three little ones destroying the ceilings on two separate floors with water, yes water again played it’s part in today’s cancelling of ‘ A Fun Day’. I’ll make them all sandwiches when John returns, then an early night for all five of them. Five, all under the age of six does has its drawbacks. An older chap or chapette might just lead them with a little more caution than ‘Tara’s enthusiasm’ does at present. That’s all for today. Happy Holidays to All xx

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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