Final Thoughts of the Day

Pimms anyone? No seriously, what a day. John and Caleb weren’t too long getting the plaster reset, partly down to Caleb being such a cutie and the nurse fell for his smile. No sooner had they checked in and were told a 3 – 4 hour wait, the nurse said ‘I can probably smuggle him through if you follow me now’! I believe the woman who did the casting wasn’t busy, just one other there at the time and she was almost done with him.

The children enjoyed a ham sandwich and a hobnob (from a packet) for dinner, whilst John and I later enjoyed slow roast shoulder of lamb, roast potatoes alongside, cooked in the meat juices, spinach (my new favourite vegetable), with very thin green beans and wait for if, Johns home grown asparagus. The really sad thing is that the children will never actually know or care about what they have missed out on.

The story did not quite finish when they went up to bed at 6.30pm. They continued their loud, rapscallion antics for a further hour. I ended up, having had enough, storming up to the top floor. I stood back. I was thoroughly dismayed and shocked at what I saw, the sheer devastation of their rooms. If our nanny Sindy is reading this – I’m so sorry, but I guess they know not what they do – they seemingly have no remorse. Amritsar and Aaliyah were quiet and in bed so they were told that there would indeed be an egg for them tomorrow, but sadly Tara, leading the destruction was told ‘No Egg’ as were the boys. She looked sick with guilt (or just distraught with the realisation of not getting an egg tomorrow). Thor just screamed for 20 minutes ‘Sorry Dadda, Sorry’. I left them to it and said they were not allowed to come down for breakfast tomorrow until they tried their hardest to tidy up their rooms.

Their behaviour seems to be getting worse. It really does sadden me when they just don’t learn that there are always repercussions. And today I had the most memorable moment with Thor, in between the 2 altercations. He said to me ”Dadda, can I whisper something to you’? ‘Yes’ I replied and he went on to whisper ‘Dadda, I really, really love you’. It brought a tear to my eye.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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