When Words and Pictures are Not Enough

A thought came to me this morning after yesterday’s blog, in which I remembered a moment in time. A moment that was part of the story of ‘Eighteen Moons’.

Like the smell and taste of food that transports you back to a place and a time, sound can fill you with a memory also.

Today’s blog is just about that! Sound in the guise of melody.

I had a voice recording app on my phone whilst living in Mumbai, Bangkok and Kathmandu. And these three recordings have this morning, transported me back to these three great city’s.

The first I believe were Hindi Vedic’s blessing the apartment next door to where I was living at that time.

The second melody was a Thai group of musicians with beautiful lady dancers.

And the final melody I recorded in a small restaurant / bar in the area Lazimpat where I lived in Nepal.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

19 thoughts on “When Words and Pictures are Not Enough”

    1. I completely agree! The sound alone was evocative! I close my eyes and just listen… then realised the sound didn’t show me, the babies, our environment! The video gave more I think of that part of the journey. Also at this time in the journey, I did not imagine my time in India would ever be at an end…


  1. I so enjoyed all of these recordings, Andi .
    There is something magical about them all ~
    Lovely memories for you! 🙂

    One of my greatest joys is that I have recordings of my dear sister Terri’s voice ~ the only problem is that when I listen to her voice I always break down but I guess tears are therapeutic for the soul ~

    Hoping all of you are having a wonderful day!!!

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    1. Yes, sounds do indeed speak to our soul. I understand that you keep the voice recordings of Terri, the joy, yet the sorrow! You do miss her so very much, your sister and soulmate…

      We are all in a mix of relaxing, screens, television, the occasional spontaneous outburst from whomever! The usual kind of thing. But all happy and mostly smiles. Dinner to serve for the children shortly. Dadda’s Homemade Cottage Pie! Maybe a small blog later. Sending a hug xx

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      1. Thank you so much Andi for your awareness and acknowledgment of how much I miss my sister ~ she truly was my soulmate and will always be precious to me!!!!

        How wonderful to be in the midst of mostly smiles at your house and dadda’s cottage pie sounds so good! 🙂
        Hugs back to you dear Andi ~ xx


      1. We understand that so well. There’s good and bad in everything.
        Keep the good, lose the bad, my friend. And have a super weekend. Hugs for you and John and the kiddos!

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    1. Thank you Ingrid. The sounds were quite random. I’ve had a major ‘tech’y’ day if it! I saved the sounds to my library, then converted to MP3’s and just cobbled together the sounds with images, so back to video for tomorrow’s post! Phew… 😓

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  2. Reminiscing memories is therapeutic. I can imagine how your mind travels these days while revisiting the ups and downs of your life journey. It’s contagious, Andi. Now my thoughts are wandering too. ⭐

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