Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner

Okay, it is late in the day here in ‘The Shires’. So, no rundown of the days antics, rather a nostalgic look at Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner! The final picture is tonight’s rare roast rib of beef with Jersey Royal Potatoes and garlic butter green beans! Yummy…

Sausage bacon and stuffing terrine with braised Savoy cabbage and garlic and herb tomato sauce.

Dadda’s Thai red curry, yellow curry.

Another slice of JJ’s penne puttanesca lasagna!

Roast pork, new potatoes, broccoli, cracklings and Dadda’s apple jelly.

Pulled pork, JP and Caesar Bliss.

My homemade pork and turkey meatballs! Legendary family food!

Tonight’s Delight!

Thank you for sharing your time with me today! Be well…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

21 thoughts on “Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner”

  1. Was this all for one dinner?! Another very impressive spread. I have a fondness for roast beef. And it’s great you are teaching your kids about healthy balanced meals with lots of veggies. 👍 Have a good night.

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    1. Nite nite Ab… very late here! No, the meals were not reminiscent of pre- biblical feasts for Thor! We enjoyed the meals over time and Thor enjoyed one of his favourites, penne puttanesca meals tonight, with a mass of parmesan cheese to boot?

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      1. Hahaha. Ok thanks for clarifying. 🙂 My head is clearly ready for bed over here and I’m 6 hours behind you! Good night and see your family tomorrow.

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  2. Andi, everything looks so delicious and if I had to pick my favorite I would probably go for the Thai yellow curry, red curry dinner!
    I can just imagine how good your apple jelly is ~ yum!
    Today is Jeff’s birthday and I making maple chicken with grapes, Caesar salad and apricot- orange cheesecake. ( we shall also have a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio to toast to his big day!)
    You are a great chef, Andi 🙂

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    1. Your dinner sounds amazing Margie. Happy Birthday to Jeff. You will have a lovely dinner by the sounds! Thai curry’s are a definite favourite here too. But for my 5 months spent in Bangkok, do you know! I lived on Tom yum noodles whilst as home! Only Thai curries and tasty soups whilst eating out!

      Have a great birthday Jeff and Margie.bon appetites… 😃

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      1. Thanks Andi, Jeff does not know what I am serving up for his birthday but everything are favorites of his, so he should be pleased!
        It’s 93 degrees here today and I am hoping it’s cooled down enough to eat on the back patio ~ that is my plan anyway.
        Enjoy the rest of your evening, Andi .

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      2. A surprise! That’s so great. All things that he enjoys. That’s a lovely gift.

        Sounds hot and summery Margie! I’m liking the sound of that. ATM our wraith Atlantic Ocean ‘low pressure’, so pretty moody to say the least. 😔 today was warm however. Thunder and rain for the next several days should keep Thor smiling of course…

        Have a great celebratory day! Go Jeff go! ✊

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      3. Yes, he will be surprised and happy! 🙂

        Happy for Thor, guess he loves the thunder and rain, huh?
        It is very hot here but no humidity which is awesome!
        Thank you for the kind wishes, Andi, I shall covey them onto my darling birthday boy!

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