Not Feeling Particularly Hungry

The later I leave writing a post, especially at the weekend, the more happens and the more I generally forget.

Thor is presently explaining to me that if a werewolf licks you, you turn into one and then you go off and lick someone and they too will turn into one, just like you!

The three little ones are at present playing in the living room with their duvets, making gingerbread houses and beds for Gracie, our Dalmatian. Gracie obliges as she does. A strong bond exists between Aaliyah and Gracie. Thor is now explaining to me that he is doing a barbecue.

I love this! The innocence of play and their debate within their storylines, negotiating their roll and compromising on their props and various mystical items brought forth from their imaginations!

Amritsar and Tara are with John at our neighbours, playing in their garden, socially distanced of course. A first time for play with the neighbours children in three months!

A little earlier Caleb took it upon himself to open the front door and walk over to the neighbours garden gate. I was in the loo when I heard the dogs bounding around outside. I immediately sprung into action, noticing Caleb’s folly on the hunt for daddy and the girls. I curtailed the dogs rampages and got Caleb back indoors. He knew he had done wrong to open the front door. He has promised to not do it again! It’s not always easy having eyes in the back of your head. Thankfully we do not live on a main road.

Best get going, roast beef tonight. That was close, I just saved the potatoes from their slightly more than ‘par’boil. A little over cooked, but a good roasting now should bring them back from the abyss. The beef looks amazing. Just the Yorkshire puds to sort out now and cooked carrots to glaze.

I’m not actually feeling that hungry now! That’s always the case after preparing a big meal, isn’t it? And a rib roast to boot.

Aaliyah now screaming like a possessed crazie as daddy has just come back in saying everyone can join the girls in the neighbours garden. Zzzzooooom! Caleb’s gone, Aaliyah too. Thor putting shoes on, now gone! Just me and the dogs! No, they’re gone now for a play on the tarmac outside.

Oh, Ed our neighbour has just waved a couple of courgette plants at me, smiling at the doorway. I think he grew them from seed! Oh, thanks Ed! Dogs back in now. So, just me and the dogs and that dinner I’m not hungry for to finish preparing and serve up once our not so famous five have tired out…

… more of our family goings on tomorrow, here in ‘The Shires’ of England.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

11 thoughts on “Not Feeling Particularly Hungry”

  1. Agree with Ab.. that sounds so good and what a lovely vibe as always chez vous. I am literally never letting my husband read your blog!!! He’s French and loves good food, but I think since he’s met me, he’s more or less learnt to exist on hummus and roast aubergine. Long suffering guy.. 😬

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  2. Andi, I too am glad that you do not live on a main road, it’s scary when little ones open the front door and make a dash ~ Nolan has done that and his mom had to put on another safety lock!
    It’s always such a joy to read about your family.
    Dinner sounds good ~ I am having some of the banana bread I made yesterday, Jeff loved it so much he almost ate most of it but he so kindly saved a little for me! LOL
    Wishing you and yours a lovely evening, Andi .

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    1. Yes Margie, safety locks are important! They will of course understand one day! But that day is down the line.

      I did actually muster a small appetite! Now, how often is a rib of beef on the menu? Very seldom indeed… but with such a big joint, I’m looking forward to seeing what I come up with tomorrow! Of course we told the children it was dinosaur rib! Haha… have a lovely day too dear Margie. 🙂

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      1. You told the children it was dinosaur rib, ha,ha, too funny, Andi.
        Thanks for the kind wishes, it has been a lovely day here, a little on the hot side but still very beautiful, we tended to the garden today, the pumpkins are growing like crazy!

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      2. Very happy that your garden is feeling bountiful Margie! I mentioned in an earlier blog however that I was planning to take this year out from watering the tomato and courgette plants! My little mango tree dies, I wanted to avoid… but our neighbour didn’t read that blog and has kindly given us maybe 10 plants grown from seed! What can I say? But thank you and I will once again persevere…

        Late here, so I will bid you good day Margie 😃

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  3. If you need help eating that nice looking beef, I’ll gladly help! 😂 And Thor is funny. He may have confused werewolf contagion with coronavirus but nonetheless, it is good advice about not letting others lick you. Hahah. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Andi and family!

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    1. Mr Ab. Thank you for making some sense out of Thor’s ramblings! And you’re right about the corona virus 🦠 comment! Oh look a new emoji everyone! Have a lovely day Ab, hubby and T… 😊


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