Just Mulling It Over

The weekend over in a flash and another day has passed us by. Children now upstairs with daddy, getting ready for bed and here I sit thinking of what I should be writing about!

Gloomy weather has curtailed any crazy shenanigans in the garden of late. Thor and Aaliyah are of course back at school, so their presence was absent today. Amritsar and Tara are really very well behaved girls mostly, so nothing to comment on there today. Caleb has been by and large very good in both his homeschooling and playtime today, always a little more sedate without Thor and Aaliyah in his company. Just one more week and his plaster cast should be off! We will have our little guy back to normal. Looking forward to that – Hooray!

I’m a little apprehensive about this show we’re going to be on, airing this week on Thursday at 8pm on Channel 4. John and I are talking to the show’s psychologist tonight on the telephone. Should I be worried, what should I be thinking? I certainly hope there is not any negativity thrown our way after people watch it, just a small glance into ‘my big crazy family life’! But then again, I give that almost daily within the pages of my diary, don’t I. But one can’t help but mull things over!

I’m sure to mention the ‘Show’ again in the next couple of days. There’s no turning back, there’s no escaping the inevitability, is there?

Sorry, better cut this short as there is shouting drifting down from the top floor. Our phone call is about to happen and the children were asked expressly to keep a lid on it tonight given our phone call! Okay, up to get them settled.

A very good evening, night, morning and afternoon to you all.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

24 thoughts on “Just Mulling It Over”

  1. Hey big brother
    We hope it all went well with the call. Don’t get too excited or nervous. Not gonna help one bit. Just some home made advise from us!

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    1. That is very appreciated advice Macey and Brit. The call was fine. I think the psychologist, who’s lovely, thought our heads were fairly screwed on! We are not gonna dwell on any negativity that might come our way after the show airs! Let’s wait and see what happens! Big hugs to you both. ((HUGS)) 😃

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      1. Anyone who has a clue about what you did to get your family, should know you’re not made of BS, Andi and John. There will always be haters. They’re basically just jealous.

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      2. Thanks a million. Your sentiments are very kind guys. We did go through a lot just to be who we are today! That’s for sure Macey. We kind of did the show to help possible book sales! Who knows, maybe it’s time to give the story to a traditional publisher if they can extend the readership more than little old me! I’m just apprehensive I guess! Hoping you guys have a great evening 💕

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  2. Yes, Andi, next week it will be a memory and I am quite sure a good one!
    I am back home now do miss Kelsey,she is a very sweet dog and we bonded but she was so very excited when her family got home yesterday afternoon and jumped for joy!
    Today, I had to make another appointment to take Hank to the vet as he has some growth on his back, it was not there last week. I am very concerned. We see the vet on Thursday morning.

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    1. Oh – I’m so sorry to hear about Hank, poor little thing. It reminds me of a large papilloma Remus had on his lip as a small pup. It was surgically removed. But all was right in the end. Sending Hank our very best and will cross our fingers on Thursday.

      I’m sure Kelsey was very excited to see your daughter and family. Though I’m sure she’s she’s missing you very much. Looking forward to a time when you can all be reunited after lockdown – sending hugs from all of us! 😃

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      1. Andi, thank you for your kindness, hugs to all of you.
        I am just heading to bed and you are probably waking up, oh, those crazy time zones! LOL
        About Hank, we ended up taking him in to an Emergency vet today as the thing on his back was growing and I thought it might be a tick and that is what it was. The Vet removed the tick and also found another one that she removed as well and now Hank will be on Medication that he takes once a month to prevent ticks lodging onto him. We will have to have blood work done in a month’s time to see if the tick carried any viruses like possibly lyme-disease (hopefully no bad outcomes)
        Gosh, it’s been a crazy day here and I am so exhausted!
        I wish you a lovely good-morning as I say good-night! 🙂

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      2. Thank you Margie, yes goodnight and good morning! Poor Hank! Hope he feels better soon. Ticks are unpleasant things. But I am glad you had him checked over and he is now free of it. Hoping you might us restful. 💤 💤

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  3. Looking forward to watching! It will be fine.. lol I think everyone knows shows edit to make it look interesting so most people bear that in mind when watching.

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    1. Thank you Anna! I gave actually seen the rough cut, it’s not so bad I guess! 🙂 I’ve really liked a couple of the contestants thus far! But it’s such a difficult show to put in a niche! I think it’s a first broaching parenting styles! Cringe worthy for some I guess, academically interesting for others! We all broach parenting so differently, yet base our reasoning on love for sure! Haha… we’ll see 😉


  4. Good luck with the show And, I’m not sure how much influence you get over what’s actually aired against what’s actually filmed? The producers can influence things just by what they edit in and what they choose to leave out, hopefully you get to see it before it’s aired? Just be yourselves is what they tell you, whatever that means, I’m sure it will all be fine

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    1. Phone call just over. John whining for his dinner! Best get to it!

      You’re right about it all being in the edit Paul. I did actually see a rough edit of our episode. It’s not so bad! Have a lovely evening 🙂


  5. Man it seems as if he just put that cast on and isn’t that always the case when you need quietness? Kids know when to make noise lol

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  6. Good luck with it 👍 I don’t know if we’ll be able to watch it here but I’ll have a look online can’t be any crazier than our multinational family life 😅

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