It’s a Dogs Life

Today I pay homage to man’s (and woman’s and children’s) best friend! Our family would not be complete without Remus and Gracie, our rapscallion hounds. Sadly no pictures of Daddy or Amritsar snuggled up to them, however I searched my camera roll for images of the dogs this morning. They are both very happy dogs and within that happiness, they share those feelings with us, their family! Incredibly emotional creatures, dogs. I know that I have published a few of these pictures before, but a collection of images works too right?

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

18 thoughts on “It’s a Dogs Life”

    1. A photo library on our phones just isn’t enough! Now published, a little of my photo library comes to life! Did you know that when I started my diary 18 months ago, I avoided pictures!!! Well, for a short while at least. And slowly from relatively mundane images, came forth the vibrancy of my ‘Big’ family life! 😃it is a truer version of us, more than just a description, words, a journal hidden under the bed!

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    1. We all love Remus and Gracie, though Daddy and Amritsar don’t show it quite so often! Now, on the other matter, let me explain Macey! I do like a prop. And a grand piano is a great prop in any room! The plan is that they will all play the piano at some point. But presently a little too young! The cost of h tv he lessons would be a waste. But watch thus space… 😊

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      1. Grand pianos are definitely eye catchers!
        And imagine if they all learn to play the piano and sit at it at the same time. You’d have a 2.5 quartermains! Or a ten-mains, or whatever the French would call that!
        Or one heck of a lot of noise, but time will tell hahaha!

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