Where Might I Have Been Today (Chin Chin)

I haven’t spun many words these last few days! So, what’s been going on? I can report that it has been raining lots. The children have all been playing up a bit before bedtime, even with going up slightly later. Thor Was the first to have his iPad privileges rescinded, until further notice I explained. Well, since then, each and every one of them have seen their screen time reduced to nothing. Mind you, daddy has allowed them to watch his big iPad. This means that at present Thor, Aaliyah and Caleb are watching ‘powder puff girls’ on the iPad and T and A (Tara and Amritsar) are gorging on ‘my little pony’ on the TV. This is where I am today.

We have avoided lessons thus far. Any mention of them has been seen off with the children’s scorn. Daddy taps away at his computer screen, moaning at me ‘why aren’t the children doing their lessons’! In a short while I explain. Tara is now crying. Don’t worry (a minute later), she is now smiling again!

John and I should have been sunning ourselves on South Beach, Miami today as yesterday’s flight would have seen us say goodbye to the children and our nanny Sindy and we were to jet off to South Florida. Sadly alas, in the event of the lockdown, a second holiday for us has been cancelled. We have not been away without the children since Hawaii three years ago. That’s if you don’t include the 3 nights in Venice. We are now pushing Virgin Holidays for a refund. They seem rather reticent.

Here’s to a time post lockdown and social distancing. This holiday might be several months in coming now, a bit further down the line, but things will turn around eventually. Don’t get me wrong as I love the children enormously and look forward to many sunny international beach holidays with them in the years to come. But that’s not to say that I wasn’t looking forward to 8 nights off with John, sipping cocktails in the hotel or perhaps a beach bar. So I raise my virtual glass of frozen strawberry daiquiri to you now! Here’s looking to the future!

A last minute moment! Caleb has just come into the kitchen and said ‘Alexa, please play Baby Shark’! Eek, yes, he has finally mastered control of the smart speakers! We are all doomed.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

17 thoughts on “Where Might I Have Been Today (Chin Chin)”

  1. In my childhood, it was always weird for when my mom would go off with her sister to Mesquite, outside of Las Vegas. This place is apparently known for it’s “old Vegas” appeal. They’d have a great time at the spa, enjoy the gambling, etc. The cool thing was, was that I got to use her shower. I felt extremely posh.

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    1. The little luxuries we find in life! And at all ages. Did you ever tell her? Or your secret Ashley? An β€˜old style’ Vegas sound fun for your mum and aunt. Naughty them hey! I bet they know Ed back a cocktail or two! Haha. Thank you for sharing the memory. πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

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  2. Clink of my glass to yours….frozen sangria swirl in mines….oh how I would love to just lay back and watch the children play, talk nonsense and laugh away all of the craziness. Oooh and tell childhood stories of how we ended up who we are…Well, enjoy the moments and smile always…hugs to ya.
    PS. The Baby shark song has seen many different versions added to it and I get a kick of listening to them all. Hilarious.


  3. It is sad Andi not to be able to get away to Miami as you had planned.
    We can both be sad together as here I sit wanting so badly to be with my sweet Nolan today as it’s his 3rd birthday.
    Poor darling wants to see nanny and papa so much!
    I just want life to return to normal but I have fears that might never be the same again.

    Cheers to you Andi.

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    1. Oh dear… I am sorry that little Nolan has to be isolated at such an important time. Only being three the one time that is. Good days and indeed bad days must shoulder along, side by side.

      Damn! Aaliyah just burst a balloon just behind me! DRAT! πŸ˜ƒ that woke me up!

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      1. Andi, just spoke to my daughter and we plan on going over to drop off his birthday gifts and we will talk to them all as sit in our van and they will all visit from their front steps.
        Lots of distance between us but that is the only way.
        Crazy way to live but we will get through and hope for better days to come.

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  4. If someone in my house were to play baby shark that would be the final straw – I’d jump out the window haha! Good luck hang in there, all we can do is dream about that first beach cocktail once this is all in the past!

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    1. Yes indeed, the same here and throughout Europe sadly. The bars will return to normal. Sadly not all however. But how long must we wait for what we once took for granted. A little down today, I’ll pep up tomorrow for sure πŸ˜‰

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