Packed Lunch on the Stairs

What could be better than a little escapism and a chance to sit down after your long journey and enjoy a packed lunch on the stairs. All we needed were our lunch bags and picnic throw.

Mind you, beware those wild animals that roam the ‘Stairlands’ in their desperate search for scraps and tasty morsels.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

26 thoughts on “Packed Lunch on the Stairs”

  1. Andi, It’s wonderful that you plan on having an audiobook and Angus Scott will be the voice!
    A little tidbit of info, my dad’s name was Angus, Angus Hugh MacGillivray to be precise.
    I will buy that audiobook for sure as I would love to hear the voice of Angus Scott doing the reading.
    Yes, we have quite a family and my mom was chief cook and bottle washer as well as being a teacher, she taught from the 1st grade to the 6th grade, she was my hero!
    My dad was a construction foreman, he and my mom were very different but they were a good match and loved kids!
    Thanks for your kind words on Terri, she was my heart and always will be my heart!
    I still talk to her everyday even though she is not here with me on a physical level.
    I really love that you have a family of 5 and I can see them being the best of friends to each other as they grow up together, that is my wish for them as it’s truly remarkable to know you have a best friend in a sibling.
    So nice to have this little chat with you Andi.
    You are so nice!
    Oh, I love to read all the great comments you get from others on your posts. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I am looking forward to Angus completing ‘Eighteen Moons’. It does open up a possible new readership! The name Angus is a very strong name.your father had a great Scottish name, didn’t he? Did you mention a childhood in ‘Novie’? A very special time for you, Terri and your other siblings. Your mum seems quite the stoic sort. It sounds like an ideal childhood in a beautiful place. We always have our memories to keep people and places alive. I am sure my five will hold onto these early memories of their childhood and their relationships will be stronger later on as a result. As ever, my thanks for your lovely comment this morning. Have to sort breakfast out. Caleb is being a bit difficult. Aaliyah has now joined him – oh dear, up now an hour + and not even 7am…

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      1. Yes, Andi, I was born in Nova Scotia and lived out in the country.
        No better place to be for a child, surrounded by the ocean on one side and the woods on the other side.
        I have such good memories of all the times my siblings and I spent together at the beach, and days we explored the woods.
        I went to Boston when I was 21 for my first teaching job and the rest is history.
        (an amazing and wonderful history.)

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      2. That sounds idyllic Margie. I remember you saying about your ocean memories when we holidayed in Cornwall in February. Thank you again for such a vivid account from childhood. They are special. So, the bright lights of Boston hey! 😉

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  2. Aww those wild animals are just trying to make sure you fixed the right foods…you know they are the taste testers. Heeeheee.

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    1. That is so good to hear JJ. I always regarded Them as my little taste testers as they share so much time with me in the kitchen, looking up ever so optimistically! They are occasionally rewarded, hence their perseverance! Hehe…


      1. oh, those gremlins tried it eh…I said I was toasting to you too but with a Sangria Swirl. I’m sure it will show back up 5 months later LOL

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      1. I really mean that, very sincerely!
        I think I follow about 150 blogs and yours is at “the top of my list!”
        It’s those little ones and the dogs as they just melt my heart! ❤
        And you are pretty cool as well. LOL

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      2. You are so welcome Andi.
        Hank sends a woof woof back to Remus.
        We took a long walk today (about 2 miles and Hank is resting now in the back yard and I think I will go and get caught up on Outlander, my favorite show.)
        Before I go I just want to let you know why I love kids and dogs so much.
        I come from a family of 9, 5 boys and 4 girls and we always had a family dog growing up.(sometimes 2 dogs)
        We were all close in age and helped take care of each other.
        My mom was a teacher and so needed help with such a big gang of kids. LOL .
        I loved being part of our big family as I always had a friend right there in my house. (my sister Terri who passed away was my best friend and I miss her so much.)
        I used to tell my mom that I wanted to have 9 kids when I grew up.
        She laughed and said to me, “my dear, don’t you dare as you will never find a minute for yourself.”LOL
        I took my mom’s advice and decided 9 kids would be way too many as when I told my husband I wanted a gang of 9, he gave me a look like I was just a bit crazy! Ha, ha!
        All my siblings are still with me except for Terri.
        I hope all your darling gang of 5 grow up to be the best of friends! ❤

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      3. That is a good walk, 2 miles – wow! Outlander! Wow, I tried to watch a few episodes when I heard that the ‘voice’ of my upcoming audiobook ‘Angus Scott’ had acted in it twice! Yes, I am investing in turning ‘Eighteen Moons’ into an audiobook. Even without sales, I think that this is a good idea for the future of keeping the story alive in the future! A writer, or in my case, a storyteller should never give up on their that story I guess! 😉
        I am so amazed Margie! Quite the clam with 8 siblings. Your mum was a real home maker I guess! That is so wonderful…

        Yes, our home life yields our closest relationships. I am so, so sorry to hear about Terri. Your very, very dear heart…

        Mother clearly knew best didn’t she, when she wanted to desuade you? But I love that you wanted to follow her loving example Margie.

        I do hope that my not so famous five treasure friendship… they are still a little too young to appreciate each other – but in the big scheme. They will have to persevere with things, each other and personal friendships, won’t they?

        I really your sharing memories today Margie. 😃

        Late here now, the 10 o’clock news and bedtime I think!

        Take care 🙂

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