Just a Few Woes With It All

All sat quietly watching a movie now (though Caleb has nodded off). The struggles of their homeschooling lessons this morning, thankfully behind us. Another day of screams and tantrums once we had printed off their schools email attachments!

It all feels a little more introspect with the grey clouds outside and the rain pouring down. There seemed to be the feeling of a lot more freedom last week when we had the open back door and a garden full of brilliant sunshine!

To be honest, we are struggling with Thor when it comes to focusing. He chooses to disappear as soon as the printer starts up at 9am. And coaxing him back to the kitchen is such an uphill drive.

The three little ones have been at school for 8 months now, minus these weeks of lockdown of course. One of their exercises today was writing two sentences! I tried as hard as possible to get them to at least try, but nothing. I then thought to return to basics and get them to write down the alphabet. Thor once again went a.w.o.l. Aaliyah tried her best to copy the letters as I drew them. But poor Caleb just doodled and scribbled away, giggling merrily to himself as he did so!

I am beginning to worry that there won’t be any school before September. The children do need structure and I believe that we do not have enough of it at home with the way things stand at present!

A small positive to be found today is that I can share news on the potty front. And that is that we have retired ours, as of yesterday. Only the loo from now on for the little ones. I should also add that Aaliyah has been completely ‘dry’ for months now. Whereas the boys still rely on their nighttime pull-ups. Bravo Aaliyah, not a single mishap!

As ever, thank you for reading.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

8 thoughts on “Just a Few Woes With It All”

  1. I dunno much about kids; we don’t have any and it’s been a while since I was one, but maybe it can help if you dedicate one room to class room? As in structure and stuff? If you, what do I know, eat in the kitchen and have school there, there’s not the right vibe, perhaps?

    Good luck with them!

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    1. You might just be right Macey. That is a very good idea. It is generally the kitchen when we do art, though daddy started letting them draw in the coffee table a month ago. I am forever picking up pencils, crayons. Rubbers, pens and paper! Thank you ‘Daddy!. 2 day’s ago I said ‘NO MORE’ and I am insisting they only work from the kitchen.

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  2. I see homeschool isn’t all that it seems like from the outside. Just the idea of it seems nice but I think you’re right, structure and discipline is more properly taught at school where the environment is already set.
    I quickly want to add, Caleb is my vibe xD

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  3. Good luck with them as you continue to homeschool them until further notice. I hope the lockdown is lifted within the next month or so. I know it has to be hard on you guys to maintain some semblance of “school” with the distractions at home, especially for little ones. I think you guys are doing a great job, though!

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