7 thoughts on “28 Reasons To ‘SMILE’ Today!”

  1. Indeed, Andi. Smiles abound here! 🙂
    I always so enjoy seeing your children when they were younger.
    They grow up much too fast.
    Oh, I got to see Kelsey today (for the very first time) I went to my daughter’s house and took Kelsey for a little walk.
    My daughter put Kelsey out in the backyard and off we went.
    It was so sad I could not visit with Rose and Nolan though.
    I hope you had a great day.

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    1. They do grow up fast, don’t they! I’m dreading ‘Diary of a gay dad – The Teenage Years’! Lol

      I as m so glad that you and Kelsey got to play for a while. Is Hank doting on her too? I bet he is… yes, you must be so looking forward to hugging Rose and Nolan once more. In the grander scheme, not long now! A big hug to you from the ‘Not so famous five’! 🙂

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