A Taste of India for Lunch

Getting reminiscent about India these last few days has inspired a rather indian themed menu this weekend! Before our big family adventure, I only knew the menu from the local Indian restaurant. My favourites were king prawn tikka masala and chicken dhansak! With a rather nice pilaf rice mind you. But on my first visit to India I was left shell shocked with Indian cuisine. And that was just the breakfast menu at the hotel! New delicacies were introduced, such as Sambar, pooha, poori, idli, dosa and dosa masala. These amazing Indian classics I have since simulated in my own kitchen on many occasions.

The nanny who helped me out a little in India, Bharti had cooked I few of these items for me whilst living in Goa, but I learnt and adapted these recipes as I do, in these last years of our great family life. I tend to look at two or three versions of a recipe from the internet and then make Dadda’s ultimate version.

Today was nostalgic. For some reason or other YouTube was opened on my new Apple iPhone 11. Yes the new phone that I was scandalously pressurised to purchase by the said manufacturers! Now, there is one YouTube channel that I subscribe to and that is Gita’s Kitchen. She is a font of knowledge on all things ‘Indian Cuisine’. It is Indian food for Indians! Anyhow, today she produced 3 types of Sambar, a spiced soup that is popular in all hotels and eateries for tourists and locals alike on the whole of the Indian sub content.

Okay, I have no tamarind or exotic Indian vegetables, so I reworked my take on Sambar and our lunch was a take on the finest Indian breakfast imaginable!

More time to write down the recipe for you tomorrow, would you like that? This is genuine food, so please, I would feel privileged to share, but for now just the photos of our slightly spiced up menu today. As ever – thank you for reading dear hearts…

The rice on my plate in the first photograph was there purely for show. A slightly more refined salmon curry nonetheless with Dadda’s classic curry sauce! So, please note that I am still doing a carb free lent! There has only been one or two tiny slip ups thus far!

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