Caleb Will Get A New iPad

Well, kindle fire 7 actually! Although he breaks his own body weight in ‘stuff’ each and every month, daddy was insistent this morning that he should have his very own iPad (Fire 7 tablet).

You might remember that both Thor and Aaliyah had to behave extremely good for 7 and 4 days respective! But daddy just threw away the protocol this morning and decided to insist to me that Caleb was having one without having to ‘earn’ it and that was that! Caleb then proceeded to saying ‘na na na naa na’ to me!

John just has to be ‘super dad’ every single weekend, not caring that there is fallout always.

This ‘good cop’ – ‘bad cop’ relationship can only truly come to an end when things are made more even to how we have to act in front of the children!

The video today does spontaneously show Caleb’s interest in playing with a screen, but just 20 minutes ago I was called by Aaliyah, back to the kitchen after Caleb had just thrown his sandwich at the wall and there it lay on the other side of the table, it’s contents everywhere!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

3 thoughts on “Caleb Will Get A New iPad”

    1. We all have our ‘moments’ don’t we Margie? Even Dadda and Daddy… I am really hoping you have a very enlightening read! The book was written as I believed the story was worthy of being chronologged. There was just no real account of this history! So I did what was only right. Though with no ears to listen, I became a blogger with a diary. And that was that really! Mind you, the blog didn’t really sell any books sadly, but the blog did lead to the follow up book based on the original story ‘Eighteen Moons’, not the story of how we became, rather the story of just who we are today, ‘Thirteen Moons More’!

      I really hope you enjoy the read Margie and hope you have a few moments to go back to and leave a realistic, heart felt review. 🙏

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