Happy Birthday John @ The Vineyard

Another visit to the Vineyard restaurant. A great low carb menu if you exclude the dessert! Mind you, I’m feeling so full after eating relatively small portions. That might be slightly down to a late lunch of mushroom lasagna. Yes, my carbohydrate binge today was 2 almond croissants for breakfast and a 3pm lunch of mushroom lasagne. If anything the pre – agrarian concept does is shrink that stomach a bit – the internal one that is! Who really needs a gastric bypass – just some willpower to stop shoving carbs into your system will definitely do it.

I am looking towards a day of fasting tomorrow. Sausage, egg and bacon on the menu for John. More on the diet on Friday.

We did enjoy the Haagen Das at midnight when John opened his card and gifts. Plus the bottle of bubbles. He likes antique silver, so I pushed the boat out and found two 1930’s single stem vases at an antiques market. London hallmarks, he likes that!

Caleb was next to wish him happy birthday as he decided to come downstairs at 4am!

Once back from school everyone was excited to see daddy who promised to come home early (6.15pm) and we all enjoyed birthday cake together before bed.

Thor did comment to daddy ‘your birthday isn’t very long today as it is almost time for bed already’ but up they went and Nikki arrived at 7.30pm allowing us to head out for dinner! A good day I have to say – the carbs were a treat, but to be honest, I thought I would go into town and gorge on a Big Mac and fries! I did not. Instead I am looking forward to tomorrow’s fasting! Am I for real? lol

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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