Can Dadda Cook a Low Carb Indian

Firstly, just how does this whole pre – agrarian thing work? I should probably just call it low carb I guess. I have never really looked into the Atkins diet or indeed the Keto plan. But I have now done a little more research and I guess the Keto diet has relevance. My idea is to enrich my body with good fats to aid joint lubrication, whilst at the same time loosing stored internal body fat. I’m not particularly overweight! I am not predisposed to diabetes and overall my muscle mass is just fine. But there’s always room for improvement isn’t there?

I imagine that the Keto and Atkins ideas came from pre – agrarian thinking! I also presume that the consumption of dairy products kind of substitutes those animal and fish fats mankind used to gorge on whilst hunting on the frozen tundra.

But what about the low carb vegetables that I have mentioned? A diet has got to work for you at the end of the day and eating purely meat and fish alone just might get a bit boring – even for just a 6 week period.

Low carb vegetables need to be there in order to substitute some of the excluded high carb foods, such as potatoes, bread and rice.

Tomatoes, onions and green vegetables and leaves (excluding peas) are part of this diet, including cauliflower as it’s in the cabbage (Calabrese) family. As you know I love home made curries and using cauliflower as a rice substitute is the perfect accompaniment to one of Dadda’s curries. Sadly channa and dal (full of starch) are off the menu as is mutter and Indian breads, but pure meat curries with cauliflower rice is my next ‘Big Thing’.

Some menu planning to come in my next blog.

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