The Holidays at an End

It feels a bit strange this morning. It is 8am and the children are still in bed! They have consistently woken at 6am these last 10 days. Daddy is of course back to work today. Just me here with the not so famous five. Our nanny Sindy is back with us on Monday morning in preparation for the return to school.

Tara and Amritsar were yet again up until past 9.30 last night fooling around on the stairs, with the little ones enrolled on their earlier missions, but they gave in to the Zzzz’s around 8ish.

I forget to comment on New Years Eve yesterday due to my New Years Day post on my dietary experiment. So, I would just like to add, thank you to Auntie Sara, Uncle Gerry and cousins James and Theo for such a great night, plus neighbours Ed and Sandra with their 2 little ones. A great time was enjoyed, we appreciate your sharing your time as one decade slips into another.

Did I wish everyone a happy New Year as yet? If not, I hope you all have an amazing 2020’s.

I’m still fasting this morning. To be honest I am not the type who really craves food, so I’m feeling optimistic regarding the next 6 weeks. John however inquired about chocolate last night after his dinner of sautéed salmon and broccoli. I am a little worried about his luncheon choices today at work. Will he buckle for the bread in his sandwich or choose the boxed salad option at Pret A Manger? We’ll see how he does later.

To be honest, we both had a glass of wine last night. The reality of this big shift in what we eat will have its moments. Completely curtailing wine which was the original plan, I think needed tweaking. To coin a phrase, man cannot live by bread alone. I thought a glass can’t hurt and relatively few calories.

For me, ‘Day 1’ of the diet. I am looking forward to noting any health benefits and to a slightly trimmer body. Though with Johns birthday on 15th January, we are planning a day off from the diet and then an official pause for reflection on my birthday on February 17th.

I will of course keep my blog updated! And finally a big thank you all for reading, it is appreciated in this busy part of our lives that we call ‘Social Media’. Just so many choices…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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