Yesterday’s Party

Thor enjoyed his party very much with his school friends plus Charlie from his old preschool. The soft play area was perfect for hosting children’s parties because they are safe areas, the food and the party bag is also included in the set price and all we had to bring was a shop brought birthday cake.

Once we arrived home and the not so famous five had come down a little from their sugar highs, all went up to bed with not too much of a struggle. Tomorrow is the actual birthday (Sunday 22nd December), so another cake, this time the home baked one!

Not a lot to report really. The beginning of the Christmas school holidays and our nanny is off for the next couple of weeks. So just John and I at home to man the ship! Will we sink or swim – that is the question?

All playing nicely at present in the living room. Which is nice due to the fact that daddy gave them their sweetie bags given to them at school as soon as breakfast was finished. He’s gone out for a haircut and believes that they can self monitor the consumption of the sweets! Believe me, I’m not getting involved. They will surely be sweet-less within the hour. Then, your guess is as good as mine! An update for you before bedtime no doubt. You know, I can’t really feel too Christmasy until Thor’s birthday is behind us. But that is just the way it is. On the year of his birth, I actually got to bring him home on Christmas Day as by that time I was experienced enough with feeds etc. Only three days for him on the maternity ward at the hospital. Anyhow, the best Christmas present ever! The word home, maybe that’s the wrong word to use. I was alone and living in a serviced apartment in central Bangkok. It would be five months until we actually returned ‘Home’.

But here we are now, not five months, rather five years later. Doesn’t time fly!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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