Running on Vapours and Burnt Cakes

Two days ago we ordered heating oil. We were quoted 2nd January for a delivery. But we have 5 children and its Christmas we said, but sadly this fell on deaf ears. Yesterday we called a competitor and were told that they also could not help due to being so busy at this time of year. It was quite cold yesterday, but as soon as the children left for school, I turned off the heating and hot water and on their return at 3pm, I switched the system back on. What were we going to do?

Thankfully our nanny suggested another option and that was to buy the kerosene by the 20ltr jerrycan. So we purchased five and we picked them up. I emptied them into the fuel tank this morning. The first splosh fell flat on the base of the tank. We were indeed running our heating system on vapours.

Another company was called today and they thankfully can deliver on Monday or Tuesday. Drama averted. Christmas would have been a nightmare without heat! On the subject of heat, one of our two ovens is also broken. The engineer came out 2 weeks ago and said he would come back with a part. We heard nothing back. But yesterday Sindy followed him up and thankfully they are able to come on Friday. Though the only time slot they had was 12 – 6pm. I do hope they come early as we are celebrating Thor’s 5th Birthday then. Sindy has very kindly said that she would be more than happy with waiting in if she had to and come to the party when they were done. Thank you Sindy, yet again!

On the subject of ovens, I tried to bake Thor’s Birthday Cake on Monday in the surviving oven and twice it burnt. I have not burnt a cake in many years. The second oven will roast meat, but as for baking, the temperature is not even enough. I do miss the fan assisted one that should hopefully be fixed on Friday.

I finally managed to bake two acceptable layers for the vanilla and strawberry cake and I put them in the freezer. I couldn’t make a third layer due to running out of eggs and not really wanting to chance burning the cake for a third time. Thank you again Sindy for running out and getting more eggs. A personal message to her – we do appreciate you!

Anyhow Thor’s actual birthday is on Sunday and I think that we can eat the two layer home made cake then. And as for the party! It’s okay to shop buy on occasion, I just won’t make a habit of it. Today’s picture is taken from Tesco dot com. I would also like to thank Tesco for actually not substituting or saying not in stock. I purchased two of them, so I hope the grownups get a slice too. More on Thor’s Big Boy Birthday then…

I could have told you about the drama with the calor gas for the stove, but I won’t bore you with that today! Not being on mains gas has its disadvantages doesn’t it?

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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