Christmas Soup and Tantrums

Okay, so is it too early for preparing the Xmas Brussel Sprouts? Perhaps, but with both cauliflowers and sprouts at 29 pence this week, I thought that I would give it a go. This afternoon I cut the leaves and stalks from 3 cauliflowers. The heads now sit in the fridge awaiting the big day. I also prepared and peeled a countless number of Brussel Sprouts. So, what do you do with all of that green waste? I don’t have a compost heap, so I thought soup was the way forward. Not just any soup I’ll have you know! With the very festive trimmings, we were going to indulge in Christmas Soup! I cut stalks finely, added the sprout trimmings, 2 chopped onions, water and a few stock cubes. Once boiled to a just soft consistency, I used the hand blender to blitz to a smooth consistency. Salt and pepper and voila, we have Christmas Soup. Tasted a bit like asparagus soup! Anyhow, with the children’s dinner, they all had a mug half filled with Dadda’s soup. Tara, a big lover of Sprouts, loved it, as did Amritsar and Aaliyah. The boys on the other hand decided to be a bit difficult. Thor was especially silly, just saying that he didn’t want it. Caleb sipped slowly but steadily. The girls all finished and ate a pear for dessert. Caleb and Thor still pretending to sip, but little was being swallowed.

Moving on, Amritsar’s ‘Rainbows’ club was having a mince pie party – they were all invited! But the boys had to finish their dinner in order to go and eat mince pies. Thor couldn’t bear the thought of not getting his mince pie, so after much ado, he finished his soup, just in time as the guys were leaving. Caleb on the other hand spat a large mouthful of soup over the table, floor and self. We cleaned up and the others left. He was to stay at home given his behaviour. He screamed and then screamed some more, grasping at the door handle. He did calm down after they left and is now sat in front of the television with CBeebies. They are about to return, so I had better dash.

On an unrelated matter – Caleb fell in the playground today in a puddle. He has a plaster on his knee and some very bad scratches on his nose. Poor boy, let’s hope that he gets better soon.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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