A Kiss and Hug Later

Since the children arrived home from school, Thor has had his moments, but overall has improved his mood. He ate all of his dinner with gusto! Aaliyah on the other hand refused to even taste the lentil and mushroom au gratin! A dish I actually mastered when working at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre restaurant in my early 20’s. A very tasty and moorish dish simply made with diced onion, sliced carrots (sautéed) with added red lentils and vegetable stock. Once cooked pour the thickened mixture in a baking dish and coat with fried sliced mushrooms and lots of grated mature cheddar cheese. Bake or grill until golden brown. Anyhow, Aaliyah for her screaming and spitting out of the said ‘lentil bake’ – you’ve got to use words like that in order to pacify any possible gastronomic rejection from the children, was sent up to bed early, given her rather unreasonable behaviour. As for Thor, he didn’t even complain about the use of grated cheddar cheese on this dish!

Well, he was chirpy and playing ‘let’s make a den’ with Sindy. Though, when it came to bedtime, he categorically refused to give Dadda a kiss and hug goodnight. Okay, that’s fine I exclaimed.

Minutes passed after Sindy left to go home and then Thor starts to shout for Sindy. I shout up the stairwell ‘she’s gone home Thor’. Some more shouting, then finally his shouting changes to ‘Dadda I want you’ repeatedly.

Fifteen minutes pass and then the onslaught of Tara, Amritsar and Thor, later followed by Caleb. ‘I’m sorry’ Thor explained and proceeds to hug me and say ‘kiss and hug, kiss and hug’. All was well. Tara and Ritzy got lots of kiss and hugs too and finally Caleb arrives for his fair share. ‘All back up to bed’ I exclaimed and they all happily returned to the top floor. Aaliyah was nowhere to be seen! All quiet now.

Planning on doing a ‘Full English’ for dinner tonight. Just for the fact that there are sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms in the fridge. Just microwaving some potatoes in order to peel and fry up some of Dadda’s famous torn potatoes to serve with tonight’s fry up – Yummy!

No final words on today’s general election. As you know, I try to avoid a political view within my diary. Who knows what tomorrow will bring for the U.K. I only hope that we remain the U.K.! Oops – that sounded just a little bit political… nite nite

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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