Thank you David and Jo

Well, a big thank you to Sindy too for babysitting the children with an overnighter as John and I took a night off to go to a Christmas party at friends David and Jo. The perfect hosts and a very glamorous take on Christmas was had by all. The food was possibly the best party grub ever consumed. David is quite the competent chef it would seem! A whole Serrano ham leg looked majestic in one corner of the kitchen and the high protein foods just wrapped their way over the counters and middle island. No pork products in sight. Prawns were a plenty, crab, salmon, even a lobster – a veritable feast! The open bar in the conservatory was freely flowing with wine, even spirits for those so inclined. The only word was wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the invite.

We stayed at the local Crowne Plaza, so gorged again this morning on a Full English! Pass me the heart burn meds please. There was no roast lamb on the menu tonight. Rather a simple affair of bread and cheese. Phew, but I guess that is what Christmas is all about.

On the subject of Christmas, we brought our 3 metre tree yesterday at a local garden centre. Presently sat on the terrace in its cobweb like netting. David and Jo’s house looked splendid with their lavish array of Xmas decor. Hard to beat, but we’ll give it a go next Saturday. I hope that they both managed to rearrange their home back into a more formal space today. I might just raise a glass to you both later on Xx

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