Star of Wonder

Star of night, star of royal beauty bright! And for Tara, a wise man in the children’s nativity, she was truly a beauty bright! As for our three little camels, I can only imagine that they will gain confidence as they grow. Caleb spent the performance slouching with his fingers firmly inserted in his mouth and the snots cascading from his nose. Aaliyah faired slightly better. For the most, she was walking in front of her wise man Pip. Thor on the other hand thought that it was acceptable to off his camel headdress and the outer layer of camel costume and do the ad-lib version of the story. In the nativity of preschool last year he just ran to daddy and refused to go back on stage! I guess he at least stayed on the stage this year! Amritsar did an amazing job as narrator. She learnt all of her lines and believe me, there were a lot to learn. Her fellow story teller was good, but spent half of the time looking down and reading them from script. Amritsar on the other hand looked at the audience confidently and then threw a strong, very coherent voice. Job well done.

Did I mention that photos were strictly prohibited at the performance, this was due to a number of parents insisting on not wanting possible images of their children to be taken by a third party and possibly ending up on social media. I understand this point of view, but surely the ability to crop an image is quite simple really. A good friend Glen could not believe this to be the case. But there you go!

No blog entries since the performance, so I hope this small blog entry will make up for that!

It is the children’s schools Christmas party this afternoon. They even got to wear their civvies to school for the donation of £1 each to raise money for the PTFA. John and I are meeting them at school and joining them for the party. Sadly the annual Christmas Fair was cancelled in favour of the party. There just wasn’t the people to volunteer their time to set up a bigger event.

Well, the weekend is almost upon us. Maybe an update later…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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