Dadda Gets Jammin’

Well, all projects have to start somewhere, don’t they? And here we are! The title would declare that the Dadda Gets Jammin‘ project is underway within the words that I am writing here and now. I thought long and hard about the format of this new recipe book and guess what? With all of my research done, looking at the various styles of possible structure for my book Dadda Gets Jammin’, I find myself back at the beginning. Wow, there are so many possible ways to entertain you guys when it comes to foodie inspirations and Jammy treats aren’t there?

I started to look for a formula by looking at the ‘Best Sellers’, Jamie, Nigella, that whole plethora of celebrity chefs, but it all began to look a bit formulaic. No I said, this is not where I want to take this project. Then I looked to the past – do you know, even Clement Freud had a best selling recipe book, with small witty doodles back in the seventies. I noted Pru Leith had reviewed it on the back. Didn’t she herself do so very well? Okay, I liked the paperback style of Freuds book. So, then I browsed a copy of Mrs Beeton’s Jam-Making and got just a little bit excited! Then I thought no, lots of information, but nothing at all about her – that’s what was missing! Bringing this bang up to date, I then decided to browse some of my fellow bloggers ‘foodie’ travel blogs and decided that that was my spoonful of sugar…

Dadda Gets Jammin‘ will be derived from this very platform, this here, my blog. That way I get to tell you as and when things evolve! I will be present all of the way through the book as will my thoughts, family (and their various antics) and most importantly, my recipes. But just jam I ask myself! Maybe I might just have to diversify. ‘Man can not live on bread alone’, even if it is smeared with one of Dadda’s delicious jammy combos! I won’t be travelling to a place, but I might just reminisce about a few places that I have encountered along the way. This has to be a broader recipe book, not exclusively Jam, but remaining under the umbrella title of Dadda Gets Jammin‘.

We have lift off!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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