Saturday Matinee and House Building

With my inability to show you our afternoon on video, I have opted to go old school and describe, using words and a photo of the day so far!

Aaliyah has just hit Caleb and daddy is telling her off. She has raised her voice yet again. Today has had a fair few outbreaks from our Aaliyah. In the living room Thor is whaling like a banshee and Tara and Amritsar are shouting for various songs on ‘hey Google’. Daddy has intervened and is now requesting ‘Ghost Busters’. Getting in the mood for All Hallows’ eve no doubt.

The earlier movie was Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone (again). A bit too scary for the little ones I think, but at Tara’s repeated insistence, we had to purchase it through Amazon. Yes, I know that ITV are re-running the whole series of movies on a Sunday night and yes, I am recording the rest of the episodes, saving a shed load of cash from flowing into the Amazon coffers!

The children earlier trashed the entire top floor before ascending the stairs and dragging the chairs from the kitchen into the living room in order to build houses, or rather an HMO (House of multiple occupation)! Aaliyah was absent from today’s photograph as she was too busy playing games on daddy’s iPad.

Fish and Chips for lunch and chicken and ham sandwiches for the not so famous five shortly, followed by home made rice pudding, lavishly swirled with Dadda’s strawlime berry jam and double cream! Tasty… Grownup cassoulet for Daddy and Dadda tonight with wild boar sausage, homemade pork meatball and pork leg. Didn’t have any haricot beans so I rinsed off a tin of Cross and Blackwell baked beans! Don’t tell John as he won’t eat baked beans. I hope he doesn’t read this before we eat as he will refuse to eat! Lol – naughty me…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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