Another Hectic One

Thank you to Brighton duo Glen and Victoria and their clan (Lucy, Auden and Fi) for another great weekend. And not to forget Fenton, son of Remus. I took some great video but sadly I am not able to edit it due to the IOS software problem that has denied me iMovie in order to do the editing. That aside, we all got a bit nostalgic with ‘hey google’ and Spotify on Saturday night, once the smaller children were safely tucked up in bed, though they did keep re-emerging and running downstairs. To be honest, I don’t think that they got much sleep at all.

Once our guests had departed today, John got passionate with his lawnmower and the grass and fallen leaves are no more, well at least for a day or two. He also cut the hedge back and is now complaining about aching all over. I got stung by a wasp whilst pruning the last of the grape harvest. The dratted bugger got my thumb. I explained to Tara that it last happened when I was about her age – she is now a bit worried that it might just happen to her! Oops! Bath time is well past us now and they are all quiet. No doubt completely comatose due to the lack of sleep on both Friday and Saturday nights. My thumb is feeling a bit better at this point, but I am cursing this years grape crop. I boiled them to sterilise the juice and pounded the pulp with a potato masher before passing the pasteurised juice through a sieve and into bottles., destined for the freezer. I think that the juice will feature in Dadda Gets Jammin‘ at a slightly later date.

There were one or two altercations along the way. Just before our guests arrived Tara and Thor spent some time on the ‘Thinking Chair’ after being found out to having stolen 2 x 500g bags of smarties that had been squirrelled away in our wardrobe, awaiting our ‘Hallow-Fawkes’ party. Amritsar was completely innocent of any consumption, though Aaliyah and Caleb were willing participants to consuming a mass of the ill gotten booty.

A second moment of anxiety was Thor heading up the tall ladder and sitting on the 10 foot wall above the side gate, whilst daddy was pruning back the overgrown vine and crabapple tree. I should have taken a photograph come to think of it, but the adrenaline kicked in as you might imagine, in my attempt to lift him back down the ladder – quite a moment! The boy is certainly not afraid of heights!

I think that I’m almost ready to give you the introductory chapter of Mrs Snodgrass’s ‘Naughty School’ here on my blog, maybe tomorrow. My first attempts at children’s fication, well, any sort of fiction actually. Let’s get set for tomorrow as I might be a bit quiet over the next few days. So I’ll give you something to mull over until my next blog, come the weekend…

Off to bed now, so nite nite all xx

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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