22.22 Late Night Shenanigans

Okay, so it’s 22 minutes past 10 at night. Four of our not so famous five have descended the stairs. Thor is like a red eyed Zombie, Tara too assertive by far and Caleb looking like a Halloween ghoul. Amritsar is not part of this rebellion. She is sleeping calmingly upstairs. Aaliyah has just run back up – a brownie point for that. Thor is now pretending to be asleep in the place that I was inhabiting besides the television. He is now giggling profusely – Caleb has just started screaming. Tara – the ring master looks like she has no remorse. She started being a ‘silly billy’ around 4pm this afternoon, just before Amritsar went off to the local village hall for her Friday stint at ‘Rainbows’, the pre brownie club. Tara has continued to provoke and rally the rest of them up until this point, no plans to sleep really. Daddy is now attempting to ascend the stairs with the three remaining children. Thor has just run into the kitchen to give me s hug and say that he loves me and Tara, I believe has just arrived on the top floor. Caleb is screaming and trying to sleep on the bottom stairs. Thor has now tripped over him and is shouting out loudly…

Daddy is finally on the top floor trying to talk them down in a vain attempt to finally get them to sleep. This certainly isn’t right as he’s now promising to make pancakes in the morning. Rewarding incorrect behaviour is something that should not be endorsed – but there you go!

It is late – almost time for daddy and Dadda to ascend the stairs – I hope this is an end to the late night shenanigans. So nite nite all – I hope your evenings are a little less vexing xx

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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