Midnight Haircuts

It is with some (obvious) dismay that I write my diary entry tonight! I had lined up several possible titles! How about lunatic fringe, hair raising, or indeed, on the fringe of things – the possibilities are endless! Okay, somehow Tara had smuggled up to their bedrooms, a pair of child safe scissors.

I am absolutely devastated with what she has created in the aftermath of Tara’s idea of ‘a quick trim’. I wouldn’t mind so much, but they have all seen the hairdresser in the last few weeks, giving them all the perfect haircut.

It began yesterday morning with my putting the girls hair up into ponytails for school. Something seemed odd! I just couldn’t put my finger on it – but all five children seemed to have more of a fringe than I remembered! However, tonight the penny had dropped and I realised that something was indeed, very out of kilter.

Now, a parents power of deduction, coupled with question time for them all soon led to finding out who the culprit was.

I really do hate telling Tara off as she is usually the most perfect angel, just how do you teach an angle to be good and to scrutinise when they have done something that is wrong?

She is certainly no fallen angel, she accepts when she has done wrong, and will certainly never reoffend after her lessons have been learnt.

I am just so unhappy that all of our children’s fringes will all take several months to grow out.

Caleb, Aaliyah and Thor were happy participants. Amritsar said however that Tara sneaked up on her whilst she was reading a book in bed.

Tara cut part of her own fringe to one centimetre. Maybe two years to realign her beautiful wavey locks. Her job on Amritsar, might just take one year (she cut her fringe by several inches). Thor would benefit from a number two crew cut to even up the length. Caleb had the least damage inflicted, but poor Aaliyah, her hair was the slowest to grow of all of our children. Yet she is now going to have to wait, at least another year to return to her beautiful long blonde ringlets, that were her hair and certainly added to her outward beauty.

I do so hate being upset with Tara. She is a ‘Big Sister’ and should know better. I really am very upset with the situation…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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