Fab Weekend

Thank you to friends Victoria and Glen and daughter Fi for making last weekend such a great one. This Brighton duo (3 children) are an absolute pleasure to see. Just Fi was in tow as the other guys had their own stuff going on, but I think she got on with our girls pretty well – you know, they all coordinated well and didn’t scream too loudly whilst running around like crazies. It was to Brighton John and I ventured earlier in the year for the wedding of Glen and Victoria. Saturday night was another excuse to cook curry for Dadda (5 in number) and on Sunday Daddy insisted on cooking the leg of lamb dinner (I cant remember the last time). It was well executed, thank you John, though I had to lend a hand to magic up a nut-roast as both Victoria and Fi are Vegetarians.

Easy recipe for you now and one I hope Victoria will have a go at as she seemed to enjoy! I used cashew nuts, but peanuts are fine. Also I chose dried mushrooms from my provisions cupboard as they absorb liquid well when it comes to cooking in combination with ingredients that are better left with a dry consistency, such as nut-loaf or rissoles (nut balls). Just mince 2 or 3 onions in the food processor, leave aside. Do the same with the cashew nuts, then the mushrooms (fresh are fine). You don’t need measurements, just play it by ear. A little more or less of this or that is fine! I would only add that you shouldn’t overdo the breadcrumbs. I toasted 2 pieces of sliced bread and left to cool, then blitzed the two slices into oblivion, that was ample for a medium sized loaf for four. Mix all of the dry ingredients together with a little salt and pepper, a little water or stock and pack into an oiled loaf tin and cook at about 160 degrees for 35 minutes. Come to think of it – walnuts really rock in this recipe too.

Okay, we drank way too much on Saturday night, but you have to do that when you see old friends and the children are snuggled up in bed don’t you?

Sunday saw us all maraud the woodlands nearby. The weather was great and the dogs all began to get on well. Did I mention that Remus’s son Fenton is part of Victoria and Glens family. Gracie being a bit of a bully at times, wasn’t the nicest of sisters to poor old Fenton. But I think they ended the weekend on good terms!

Before we knew it – home time! Thank you so much guys. Let’s not leave it too long before another catch-up. Xx

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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  1. Great weekend mate. Hope we can do it again before Christmas? When we got home Victoria commented on how chocker our little house would be with 8 kids and 4 adults 😂

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