The school Gate

Not the best photo of our children, but you might just notice Thor clinging to my leg this morning. Shortly after, it was Daddy’s leg, then mine, then the breakdown happened. Then Caleb joined in, not wanting to enter the cloakroom area where Aaliyah had very happily skipped to a moment before, full of smiles! Amritsar and Tara had very lovingly given us both massive hugs and kisses goodbye, then marched through the door to their welcoming teachers on the opposite side of the yard. By this time both Thor and Caleb were screaming. The other parents looked on, a few with looks of disbelief at the shenanigans that were in action. The reception year teacher and the TA did what they could to calm the situation. I indicated to John for a speedy retreat. Ellie, one of the friendly mums at the gate gave us a few words of support. Just day three of big school so I guess we are lucky that the separation issues waited until now. The boys generally settle after 10 minutes or so. I know they are in very safe hands. Now, I am away for the night and only hope all goes well for John tomorrow morning on the school drop. The children play up for daddy that bit more than me as they don’t see him as often and they bide for his attentions that much more! That coupled with Thor loving an audience. Hmmmm…

Well, I saw the personal trainer Adam again yesterday for a workout on a the terrace and thankfully I don’t ache too much today. Thinking about it, I have packed on a couple of kilos over the summer with all that ice cream and all. So I had better consider cutting down on the calories for a couple of weeks. Thinking of maybe fasting for a few days, but maybe after the weekend as we have friends staying over.

Happy Days…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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