Little Woodpeckers and Dadda gets Jammin’

I am sat here on the terrace. All is quiet, except for the tap, tap, tapping of the red headed woodpecker, from somewhere within the foliage of the red leafed plum tree. The school drop off done and John off to get a pane of glass cut to replace the broken window of the shed at the bottom of the garden, hidden behind the mass of overgrown rhododendrons. I am reminded of one of our little woodpeckers (the school house/team), Caleb. He was rather shy at the school doorway today. A little girl from one of the older years made it her place to talk to him and reassure him that school was a good thing! Praise to her! Now, Aaliyah on the other hand was straight in the doors and hanging up her coat and P.E. Kit. Thor, like Caleb was reticent, but found his confidence quick enough.

What is in store for me today? Well, the Aga is getting a good clean and I sorted out 2 bags of the random array of broken plastic children’s toys that are destined for the rubbish bin. Remus and Gracie are chilled on the sofa and daytime TV is doing its thing in the background. I leave it on even when I am not in the room to settle the dogs. I think that I have mentioned the way in which Remus strains to hear sounds that he can have a good bark to in response. In A general tidy up around the house. This new chapter in my life might need some fine tuning. It’s very quiet weekdays for me now what with all of the children now at school. It might take a few weeks to find my new direction. Though with not driving – I still feel a little housebound. I think they say ‘do what you know’! But I’m not sure what I do know anymore as the family has been everything these last 6 years..

I’m going to put the Aga back together now and make yet another new combo for ‘Dadda’s Jam’. How does ‘Plum and Calvados’ sound? Drizzled over Haagen Das vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate shavings maybe! Not for the children of course, rather Daddy and Dadda’s dessert tonight. Hmmmh – on that thought I will leave you…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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