School Holidays

Our first week of the school holidays has almost passed. The start of the week saw me put back my initial workout with the personal trainer until next Monday. The children have been enjoying the outdoors, even with this heatwave, there has been some fun and frolics in the pool. Lots of video footage, but I won’t overdose you with the screams and all that splashing about. Our nanny has just taken them all out to Thatcham Lake to feed the ducks and I am enjoying this small respite before lunch. Sadly John is back to Dublin this weekend as his mother is extremely unwell at this point. I wish her well. The children have this morning made pictures and gifts for her. CBeebies is playing away in the background and Remus is barking sporadically with every minute sound that he hears. He is always a little sensitive and when waiting for the children to return from school or a trip such as today, he listens intently for the slightest sound that might be them! Gracie is much more laid back.

Yesterday saw myself and all five children hiding in the terrace to spot the Thrush and hear the chirps of the chicks. We sat at the table for 5 minutes under the parasol in hiding for the thrush to return from its forage with a beak full of worms. Tara decided that we all needed to be camouflaged, so she and Thor darted back inside to grab hoodies, Barbour jackets and M65 jackets to swaddle everyone in. It was hot yesterday remember. So as we sat there waiting rather uncomfortably, Thor decided that MiMi (his much beloved bear) was too hot, so he headed back inside, just as the thrush arrived and the chicks erupted is their feeding frenzy. ‘I’m missing it – I’m missing it’ he screamed and ran back outside. Well, we waited a little more and saw the thrush return to the rapture a second time, Aaliyah got bored and we all returned inside to the relative cool of the living room.

Better get lunch underway before the not so famous five return. Perhaps more later!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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