Mrs Snodgrass

A rather rowdy afternoon from both Caleb and Thor. To be honest, they have both been battling it out for quite some time today and both have ended up on the naughty chair. Firstly Caleb for covering the kitchen table and floor with crunched up quavers. I was barely out of the room for two minutes. Come on guys, I tire of constant tidy up / pick up after you all. Okay five minutes on the naughty chair wasn’t enough so I picked up my phone, Caleb still shouting at me and asked to speak to Mrs Snodgrass, the Head Mistress at ‘Naughty School’ (Our fictitious final threat). ‘Yes Celia Snodgrass please’ and then ‘Thank You Bettina’ (Mrs Snodgrass’s assistant). ‘No Mrs Snodgrass, it’s not regarding Aaliyah, on this occasion it is Caleb’ (a short silence). ‘Okay and thank you, Monday morning should be fine’. At this point Caleb’s random shouting became a lot more legible. ‘Not Naughty School, not Mrs Snodgrass, no, not Mrs Snodgrass’. ‘I’m sorry Caleb, you left me no alternative’. He now believes that he will be leaving preschool and starting ‘Naughty School’ on Monday, that is unless (and this was my deal with him) he can be good for the rest of today and tomorrow , all day. He says that he can be good and that he is ‘very, very sorry’. Fingers crossed, he’s been very well behaved ever since. Thirty minutes after the Caleb incident, Thor had his turn. He was generally being loud and boisterous, but he then decided to run past daddy who was looking at his iPad. Thor then punched the iPad out of daddy’s hands. It went flying and crashed onto the floor. Luckily without damage. He just laughed and laughed at daddy – I had to intervene. Just like Caleb, he just shouted and shouted. I picked up my phone and once more I asked ‘Bettina’ for Mrs Snodgrass. Thor’s screaming was reaching a fever pitch. ‘Thank you Mrs Snodgrass, yes two places for Monday morning’ I then hung up. Calming Thor down a little, I gave him another choice of either 10 more minutes on the naughty chair or bed. ‘ I have a sore throat’ he remarked ‘and I am a bit tired – I will go to bed now’. Like Caleb before him, he has the rest of the weekend to prove that he can be a good boy. Once again, fingers crossed…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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