Children Love Rainbows


I think the first thing all of our children drew, once the scribble stage had ended, was a rainbow. And they have continued to draw them ever since. It’s funny that, isn’t it? First of all the colours were applied to their pictures in a random fashion. But of recent, the colour sequencing has been more specific. Radiating from red through the spectrum to purple. All of our children realise the way that the colours morph into the next (red to orange to yellow etc). We haven’t progressed on to understanding  how the rainbow is made from the splitting of white light (a bit too scientific at this stage), but the children are very aware that each and every colour is just as important as all of the rest! Now, at this point, you must realise that I make it my place to be non political or judgmental, but I have to wonder if the LGBTQ community had this in mind when adopting the rainbow as a symbol of unity! So maybe it wasn’t all about ‘Dorothy’ after all. That said, in the wider community, I think that each and every one of us should consider the rainbow and our own, unique importance and that we are, within our own individuality, just as significant as everybody else!

Hair Plats, Packed Lunches and Glowbag’s

Yesterday’s hair plats were difficult to see, so I had to take a photo to show the girls What they looked like. Not enough there for a complete diary entry, so I will sum up the week so far!

I’ve not talked about food of recent, so a few words on that. What springs to mind is Greek Yogurt! Hold on the honey sweetie, Dadda’s home made ‘Strawlime Berry’ Jam did the trick last night. A splash of water and a liberal drizzle, then a simple whirlpool made with a teaspoon and voila, a sweet treat for children and adults alike. Though, for grownups I would rethink the bowls!

I’ll move on to packed lunches. As all parents have to make them – what do you put in yours? Well, I won’t bore you with that old debate, but our children love packed lunches. I guess so as they usually signify a school trip and that is exactly the reason for Tara and Amritsar’s packed lunches today. They are being packed off to visit a country estate, here in ‘The Shires’ with their classmates. Their last school trip fell foul to shoulder straps on their bags that were thin and were uncomfortable to wear. So on this occasion I searched around in the loft and came across some stock from my old ‘Glowbag’ range. I used to make and promote fluorescent and reflective bags, known as Glowbags! It all started with trying to make road safety look cool, at first with bikers, then I considered cyclists and finally children. Well, the girls are armed with super comfy to wear ‘Glowpods’ today in a rather fetching fluorescent green and fluorescent orange. Do tell me what you think?