9 thoughts on “Seven Years Ago Today”

    1. It was an amazing experience! I’m sure you and hubby loved it. Mind you, that empty motorway from Delhi was so weird!

      A little boy was constantly trying to pick my pocket! I was onto him though and had to smile as he pretended to be part of several different families throughout the entire experience! I also found their (rip off tourist) pricing structure a complete farce!

      A beautiful place however 💕

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      1. The poverty in India was very hard to witness. Just for the experience, we took a tuk-tuk one day instead of the hotel car and we were swarmed by about 5 kids begging for money. It was so hard to say no.

        I also found the drive from Delhi to Agra very strange too. But it was so worth it for the beautiful TM. Mind you, it’s still also stuck in my mind how the outside surrounding the beautiful sanctuary is riddled with poverty and pollution.

        Well have to properly trade stories one day. I’m sure yours are more in depth and interesting! 🙂 Happy Sunday!

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      2. Haha… yes, quite in depth! But of course, poverty veneers the opulence… as a tourist it is hard. But living there, you have to toughen up, or you would simply fall apart! Just a thought, if you have time! Reading my book Eighteen Moons might just take you back there! I’ve been told it’s a very moving memory of India (and more)!

        Have a lovely Sunday Ab 😊

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      3. Thanks Andi. 🙂 I will pick it up one day. I am so behind in life, reading, tv, etc. 😂 But look forward to doing so one day. Happy Sunday too!

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    1. Thank you Ingrid. I tried and I tried to find words today!!! I wanted to find reactions or an opinion! These few day’s away have left me a little hazey! Imagery alone will have to show something of a story!

      I will knuckle down tomorrow and catch up with things! Have a lovely evening 🙂

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