Three Obscure Memories, Memory 3. Nepal.

I had almost forgotten the third piece of music that I found on my iPhone a few days ago. So today we ultimately come to my third melodic, early family memory! A memory of Nepal, a place where I found things extremely difficult to be honest, but it was a place that was pivotal to our becoming a family. In my book, Eighteen Moons, I only devoted one chapter to the five months spent there! As a matter of fact, I could have written an entire memoir just on that span of time spent in Kathmandu. So here is that piece of music accompanied by some images of my time, post earthquake, in 2015.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

19 thoughts on “Three Obscure Memories, Memory 3. Nepal.”

    1. Hey Ab. I’m really sorry The snippets of the show were taken down from YouTube. πŸ™ but thank you for your comment on my Nepal video. They were challenging times for sure. It is a friendly city however. Have a lovely day…

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      1. I was gonna say I was surprised but Britt won’t let me lie to you hahahaha!! (Would never!)
        Now they can eat by themselves and tear the house down Such peace!!

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    1. Thank you and awww. I am glad you finished Eighteen Moons. I am glad you enjoyed reading it Ingrid. It was a necessary time, in order for today to be, there were obstacles. But we are here! πŸ™‚and thank you so much for a review. That would be the best! Have a lovely day…

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