Nitty Nitty Nit Nits, Yep All Gone

Welcome back to the ups and downs of family life. The children back at school now for 2 weeks and guess what Aaliyah, with the longer hair brought back from school with her? You may have guessed what with tonight’s title!

It really upsets me that with our longer than 3 months indoors and other families from the children’s school, locked down nearly as long, how on earth do parents allow nits to linger, untreated for such an extremely long period of time! The offenders house must be completely infested after such a long time! And then to send their children back to infest the whole dratted school!!! It beggars belief really.

Well Aaliyah is now free of the unwanted visitors. I really hope the offending family at school get their act together! Or this will just drag on and on and on!

Anyhow, I did a small video around a year ago for Instagram before I deleted my account. I still have the video in my library however. Maybe I should reload it to my new Instagram account! Well, here it is. I will, like Caleb’s small video a few days ago, record the ‘moment’ 4 times, just for that Instagram effect! Lol

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30 thoughts on “Nitty Nitty Nit Nits, Yep All Gone”

  1. Oh lord! I completely agree with you, why do other parents bring their child to school knowing full well that their child has nits. It’s not fair for the other child to get it and stress us parents of. When my younger’s daughter caught it from school, I literally went crazy LOL… I hope when they go back to school, no one catches nothing. Fingers crossed! Great article.

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  2. Oh, I am so sorry for this, Andi.
    I feel your frustration and I too would be very upset!
    Do you know how many kids got the lice? They are so nasty!
    Loved the video, though~

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    1. Haha! Yes the video made me smile too! Sadly there’s no way to know the extent of the spread… But the school reception will be monitoring it. And I believe they are aware of the parent who is rather lapse on dealing with their child… all you can do really is cross your fingers! Hope all is well – woof woof to Hank!

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      1. The video is just too adorable, love those little ones!
        All is good here, Andi ~ thank you ~ just had some delicious coffee and going on a walk soon with Hank and Jeff ~ it’s a beautiful morning here ~ hope you are having a great day. xx

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      2. Thank you and yes, I smiled when me filmed the ‘nit’ video. Your coffee and walk sound great. We are well into the day here. Just cooking chicken drumsticks with mashed potato and peas for the children’s dinner! Better get back to the kitchen!! Speak later I hope! xx

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      3. I guess you are all fast asleep now , Andi.
        I had a great walk with Hank earlier today and we just finished dinner here.
        The kids must have enjoyed their dinner!
        My best to you, Andi ,xx

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  3. Eeewwwww. Sorry for that harsh reaction but I’m so sorry and also mad on your behalf! That sounds so incredibly annoying to deal with. I hope this episode will be a short lived one.

    The video was, however, very adorable! 🤣👍

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    1. Thank you Ab. They have come and gone in the past! And no doubt will in the future! But for now they’re gone! We will have to re apply in a couple of days. And so on, to be sure they don’t come back immediately!!!

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  4. Oh dear nitty nitty nit nits are never nice! My kids are getting attacked by ticks over here which is even worse as they can be dangerous. Must apply insect repellent liberally!

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    1. Indeed, ticks are bad. Remus has had a few in his time! I guess the payoff is the children running freely in all those countryside beauty spots. But keep those tweezers in your rucksack! Wow! I almost said ‘handbag’ eek, how derogatory!

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  5. Oh no, not nits! We had a few breakouts when I was in school and having had the thickest longest bush of hair I was always an easy target. I hope you can get it under control quickly, it’s not a pleasant thing to have to deal with, sigh ❤

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    1. Oh dear… I think we will get through it. And so sorry to hear that your lovely long hair was defiled in such a way back in your school days. It’s not nice, but it is very treatable. It’s that family at school that don’t get on top of it that’s the real problem… thank you so much for your comment Nadia 🙂 appreciated…

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  6. Oh no! We have only had lice in the house once, and it was awful. We had to shave the boys’ heads and mayonnaise wrap the girls twice. Not fun. Hopefully this is the last of it in your house.

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    1. Thanks Kristie. A mayo wrap sounds tasty! Hehe. Sorry, shouldn’t be smiling. That’s great advise. She’s had a wash in of hedrin shampoo. Fingers crossed. I love the video because of the expressions on the 3 little ones faces! And Thor scratching his head!

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