Am I All About Food or Family?

Just looking back the last week of my blog and it looks as if it is all about food, food, food! Okay, I am going to remedy this and put these Instagram pictures on my blog also! So here we go! No explanations, just raw, happy memories…

This video doesn’t exist

Oh do excuse the final 3 seconds of video, it kind of works on Instagram with the repetitive playing of a clip! I had to smile.

And because of that I just strung 4 of the video’s together, just to give you a flavour. However, I think you have to walk away from it after 4 plays!!! Haha…

This video doesn’t exist

Don’t judge me please! 😉

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

30 thoughts on “Am I All About Food or Family?”

  1. Family and Food equals Fun, Fun, Fun. Been doing the same since the lockdown , lots of family and eating time. Just to start doing more walks though, getting out of shape & had to stop the gym with covid still around. Have a great Summer my friend & regards to your beautiful family.

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    1. Like you I’ve stopped the workouts! I’m going to be working on that though! Go well and find your pleasure in all that surrounds you my friend! Is it Fathers Day! If so and your children are around you! Have a brilliant day.

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      1. Yes, the age when being crazy is kind of expected! Expensive just popped up on predictive text! I am laughing as Celeb’s breakages are! Another £40 today on a new amazon fire stick. He dropped our remote into the toilet… he lust us endless!

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      2. Hello Margie. Sorry it’s late in the day for a blog! I will do one in a moment of Instagram pics. A little bit upset today! Just feel like I’m not always appreciated at home. Namely Tara not listening to me, Thor having cloth ears and more shouts and screams from the little ones that I would care to enjoy. I just feel a few days off from the blog might be in order! So my apologies for going quiet until the weekend. I might do a bit of Instagram… we will see. Hope your week is without mishap! Though I think that Hank is a very good boy. Sending a hug from us all xx

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      3. Oh, I am sorry Andi that you are feeling upset but tomorrow is a brand new day and I so hope all will be better with the kids behavior!
        I will miss your posts but I so understand about taking a few days off.
        I have had an okay day except for another migraine but it’s gone now.
        Hank is a sweetie and under the table, right at my feet as I write.
        Take good care Andi . xx

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