The Doner Kebab

It’s that shameful acknowledgement of ‘A good night out with your mates’, isn’t it? Mostly consumed by the 20 somethings that revel in the entertainments of indulgence!

Now, mostly I’m a stay at home dad. But I do remember this food in my youth and also my later, crazy meet-ups with old friends from childhood!

Turkish kebab shops seem to have always been there for the late night revellers, always a little bit tipsy and also the ones who have completely forgotten their indulgence (the next day) of that very naughty / dirty food that they consumed on their way home from their good night out.

The Donor Kebab has a very bad name. It is almost infamous within its relevance of that ‘good night out’.

What with fast food takeaways being closed these last 3 months! I could not bare it any more.

I was in fact planning on not blogging today. But my absolute and complete enjoyment of tonight’s homemade ‘ Doner Kebab’ insisted that I make this diary entry in complete homage!

Should I give you the recipe? Are you missing this ‘wonder food’ of the ‘good night out’? If so, more than three requests in comments and I will share my recipe with you tomorrow!

Bon appetite or just get home safely if in a parallel universe, you are wandering the streets looking for a doner kebab.

What’s better than a Doner Kebab you might ask? My answer is, two Doner kebabs! Hahahahaha.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

26 thoughts on “The Doner Kebab”

  1. Did you ever eat leftover donner for breakfast – with chilli sauce? That’s the sign of a really good night out when you’re still drunk enough to eat it the morning after 😉

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    1. Haha! I love that so much Ingrid! And you know what? I don’t think I ever left any part of my Doner until the next day! The same can’t be said for a chilled chicken dansak pulled from the fridge in the early a.m. 😂

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  2. That looks great! Doners are my hubby’s favourite too from his childhood in East Coast Canada. We always make sure to grab some when we visit his parents in the summer back home. Looking forward to seeing your recipe!

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      1. Okay Margie! For Jeff, one Doner Kebab 🥙 coming up! It even has its own emoji! I definitely must blog today! A bit of a family update too, what with Caleb’s return to school etc. Nite nite Margie! 🙂

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