24 thoughts on “A Compilation of Our Instagram Videos”

    1. They certainly will be Ab. It’s a bit like the episodes of friends when they say can we watch the one where Aaliyah says ‘I’m taking MiMi’ or ‘The snowman one’! Haha. 🤣 they are funny! 😉


    1. Yes, there a few funny moments! The show is on tomorrow night! But I would look a few days later on YouTube. I’m planning on tweeting just after the show airs using the #Britainsbestparent hashtag. Mind you it should attract anyone interested to my Twitter and hopefully on to my blog! However, it will also corral any weirdos too! Eek! I really hope we get a good response! 😃

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  1. Andi, I woke up today with a terrible frown
    but after watching all these videos, I am smiling from ‘ear to ear’!
    So loved this post, your children are truly darling! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    1. Haha! The compilation is a little overkill of fun! But that’s what it’s meant to represent! Thank you dear Margie. I hope Hank is relaxing today after the trauma of the vets. Woof woof from my rapscallion two 😃

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      1. You are so welcome, Andi 🙂
        Hank is doing well today, thank you!
        A calmer day here, thank goodness, our furry babies can cause such stress when something is wrong with them and then when we know they are okay, we are always so grateful! 🙂
        Woofs from Hank to Remus and Gracie! (those little rapscallions! LOL )

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      2. Sorry it’s a grey there, Andi, if I could I would send some of our beautiful sunshine to you!
        I got some potatoes from our garden today and we shall have them for dinner, I will make a potato salad.

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      3. The weather with you sounds perfect Margie, as does the potato salad! Home grown! Wow. We did actually grow a potato on a cup of water! The children, bored with it now! But if I put it in earth! Maybe a few spuds for the autumn! Hmmmh! As ever, our best regards to you Margie. 😃

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      4. Yes, Andi, plant the potato!
        Jeff put two potatoes in the garden and fro two m those two I picked 25 potatoes today, the potatoes are small but beautiful! 🙂
        Thanks for the kind wishes, all my best back to you and your beautiful family 🙂

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