Washing Day

A bit of an anti-climax given that yesterday’s post was heralding our being chosen to appear in a new Channel 4 series looking into ‘Parenting Styles’. The first episode goes out tonight at 8pm. You will have to wait for the 11th June to see our ‘Parenting Style’ sadly. And please, do not judge us too harshly!

Right, so today had Dadda doing the vast amount of laundry that has amassed over this last week. I held back from photographing the before picture, it wasn’t pleasant! I’m thinking of the movie ‘Hairspray’ and Divine’s legendary quote ‘What! More soiled laundry for Mommy’!

Again, another day enjoyed with the children in the garden. Daddy tapping away on his laptop, me a little sunbathing, some cooking.

You know, it’s funny, the children are growing up so fast. All of their clothes are so much bigger now. Sorry, have to go, Aaliyah is screaming very loudly, all I can hear is ‘iPad, my iPad – no Tara NO’!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

13 thoughts on “Washing Day”

  1. You are welcome Andi with an I and not a Y. LOL (sorry for the error!)
    And thank you for the kind wishes, we are off now for a walk around the lake and then into Fort Morgan to pick up lunch from a Greek restaurant.( they are only open for take-out now and we shall miss visiting with the owners, George and Elaine as they are the most fabulous people and both are marvelous cooks.)
    See ya, Andi ~ 🙂

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  2. Good job on the laundry super dadda!
    I look forward to the 11th of June to see your episode on that show. 🙂
    Enjoy the cooking Andy (I know a lot of people who seem to look upon cooking as a big chore but you seem to really like it and your dishes always look so fabulous! )

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    1. Yes, laundry is a real chore, but cooking is always a pleasure… and thank you for your compliment on my cooking Margie.

      We have many ‘Family Favourites’ that I love to produce. Maybe after Dadda gets Jsmmin’ I might just try to compile a general recipe book! Eek! 🤔

      Have a wonderful day enjoining the lake and the scenery won’t you 🙂

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  3. Allow me to misquote Shakespeare “Laundry, laundry, still wars and laundry, nothing else holds fashion” ! I’ve done 3 loads today in preparation for The Trip. I’ve had enough!!! Hopefully we can watch your show online from Slovenia 🙂

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