An Impromptu Visitor

With lockdown here in ‘The Shires’ being slightly lifted on Monday of next week, as with the rest of England, our three little ones will be returning to school. Just reception year is going back, along with years one and six. Tara and Amritsar’s year two will be waiting for September to go back and their start into year three.

They will both continue with homeschooling until the end of the term. Now, to be honest, the girls have embraced schoolwork from home, albeit at various levels of engagement! The three little ones however, oh dear, they have resisted! My oh my, how they have resisted. Thor has been the main disturbance at 9am, each and every Monday to Friday!

I was so gratified when I realised that this week was actually half term, so no school work. And they are back to school proper on Monday.

Today’s visitor was Sindy, our nanny. We had spoken earlier about the purchase of new art stuff, hand sanitisers, cagoule, various stuff for the children to bring with them to school. Well, Sindy has gone to the shop and purchased most of what was needed and dropped it over today, just after lunch.

The children all rushed over and gave her a big hug! She is coming back to work from Monday, so socially distancing from the children seemed pointless at this juncture. It looks like some things will look rather normal as from Monday. I believe that two more weeks down the line and non essential shops will also be open and people allowed to try and get on with life, though still having to socially distance as much as possible!

I cannot really fully comprehend, things will start to return to normal! Though still with many restrictions of course.

I last returned home from the outside world on the 6th March. This was 11 days before the school sent the children home with snotty noses and asked us to self isolate. That was 6 days before lockdown was implemented on Monday 23rd March. On Friday 21st May, in 3 days time, I will have been at home, not going out for 12 weeks. Just one 30 minute trip out of the garden to run in the woods that lie beside house around 3 weeks ago!

With Sindy’s return on Monday morning, I am going out! Wow, I can’t wait. I’m truly excited.

Thank you for reading. And good luck with your own tentative steps out into this strange new world.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

16 thoughts on “An Impromptu Visitor”

  1. Thanks Andi, it’s the most beautiful day here!
    We have a spot overlooking the lake and we woke up to catch the most gorgeous sunrise!
    I could stay here forever!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day! 🙂

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  2. So, where do you plan on ngoing for your first outing, Andi ?
    I imagine it might all seem a bit strange.
    The world is so different now .
    At the State Park here, it’s packed with people but we very well separated but to see so many after being housebound for so long is kind of weird.
    Restaurants are going to start opening soon in Denver but I will not be going as I am not ready for eating out and probably will not for a long time.
    Some people are acting like there is no virus still out there.
    That is so distressing to me


    1. I am not so sure Margie. But I imagin that I will be offline for a few days. Maybe a few days social media break will be a small holiday, just like you! I imagine that I will be a bit busier once the show airs…

      I imagine the peoples interactions must seem out of kilter, it must seem a bit weird as you say!

      yes, restaurant dining might be a bit close for comfort. Who knows where this will end up!

      Enjoy your time at the National Park Margie. Try to enjoy the great outdoors now that you’re there. Youve earned it!

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  3. It feels so strange doesn’t it? Like the world is somehow different; like stepping out after some apocalypse. Ooooh, kids (sort of) back at school, nanny back..whatcha gonna do?!? We’ll definitely be needing a post on that.

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      1. Laughing is good, Andi. Go out and get at it. And take your umbrella. You never know. (Somehow I see umbrellas as Brits’ answer to anything.)


      2. An umbrella is a safe course of action in Norway I beleve. Also a usual accessory in rainy old London! So tell Brit – I will bring my umbrella with me on Monday xx


  4. Well done Andi, you’ve nearly made it! You must be so relieved!! We went out last night and it looked like there was no lockdown, the usual crowds (minus the tourists, of course) all wearing next to nothing but with the new addition of masks!

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      1. Friday – eek! Needless to say, I’ll be posting a diary entry about it before we set off. Now I better stop typing and get packing before I get sent to Naughty School 😉

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