Early Summer, Wisteria Seed

These last weeks of lockdown have seen very fine weather here in ‘The Shires’. The birdsong at times seems almost deafening. Cloudless skies have shimmered above and the blossoming, the flowering of a myriad of plants have enchanted us. Summer has really come around early. Beneath my feet lies amass of wisteria confetti. I sit underneath the parasol on our terrace, at midday, the sun too hot for even this seasoned sun worshipper and I smile.

Two of the girls, Tara and Aaliyah play on the swing beneath the shade of our large Canadian Oak, spinning away like crazed harpies. The merest of zephyrs brush lightly my face and my arms.

These are the Summers I remember from childhood. A village called Banwell in the shire of Somerset. Back then, as a child, not a care in the world. Lazy summers and the happiest of families. I think back and I smile.

We are the sum of our memories aren’t we? For our children, before life makes its mark, daddy and dadda bequest this basis of happy, summertime memories, for them all to forever behold.

I miss those wisteria blossoms, now underfoot. But I look at these seeds of tomorrow’s endeavours. And I smile.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

19 thoughts on “Early Summer, Wisteria Seed”

  1. I love the flowers of a wisteria bush. We planted one a couple years ago and, after many dwindling years, it has finally taken root and produced some lovely leaves.

    I love that you are thinking back to happy memories and smiling. Lazy summer days are perfect for that pastime. 🙂

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    1. Hey Jaya, thank you for the nice words. They are definitely a several year project, wisteria. I am happy that yours is starting to behave itself! My memories make me, todays memories make the children’s memories for tomorrow. We left London 5 years ago for just this! Have a lovely day Jaya 🙂

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    1. 😃 Thank you for such a nice comment Anna. That is so appreciated! It has been a great day spent in the garden with the crew! Only one or two flashpoints! Eerhem, namely Thor today. Aaliyah and Caleb now playing up as it’s bedtime!

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      1. Well, as we’ve said before, you named the little guy.. 😉 Have you read Steve Biddulph’s ‘Raising Boys’ by the way? Absolutely life changing parenting book. Might be useful to have a nose through if you’ve got one or two big characters in the house!

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  2. Your words are like poetry in motion, an ode to a love affair with life!
    Lovely memories to cherish and beautiful memories to look forward to with your dear family. 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Andi. we are aiming to have a beautiful day as we are packing up to go to a State Park in a few hours.
        The one we are going to is Jackson Lake State Park, take a peek, it’s beautiful there!
        It opened up last week but I am not worried about being around people as the camping spots are very well separated.
        If you do not see me visiting in the next few days it because we do not have connection.
        I can’t wait to sit by the lake and dream all my cares away,
        Keep smiling Andi and keep those little ones happy as they are pure joy!

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      2. Jackson Lake State Park sounds idyllic Margie. I will google it for sure. I hope you have a lovely and thoroughly wonderful few days away. Hank will be besides himself. What a treat. Have a lovely time won’t you? 🙂

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      3. Andi, last time we were there our very rascally Hank got off his leash and ran away, but thank goodness we got him back.
        The campground host went searching for him and found him and brought him back to us.
        Hank took a swim in the lake and smelt of very, very stinky fish.
        He is such a very adventurous but also very naughty boy!
        We will be keeping a close eye on him this time! 🙂
        Thank you, Andi.


      1. My spouse and I were traveling in the UK in summer 2013 (London, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Long before kids. I remember being in awe of how long your days were. Still daylight around 10:30. I can imagine how energizing and fun it must be for kids. Enjoy!


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