Caleb is Just Off to Hospital with Another Broken Arm

Caleb broke his arm whilst playing on Tara’s bed. Just a little over a year ago now, It was April 18th 2019. I was so upset. He came downstairs holding out a horribly contorted left arm.

One hour ago today, Tara and Caleb were playing on the trampoline in the garden. Today is 7th May 2020. He has just come in from the garden, holding out a horribly contorted right arm. Another break. It looks terrible.

John has rushed him to the hospital. I have just taken the other children up to bed. I am sitting at the kitchen table, almost in tears. I just poured a gin and tonic. I must now wait for John’s phone call, then his and Caleb’s return.

Not the end to the day that I had been expecting. Sorry for this less than happy blog tonight. The photo is of him last year, the day after breaking his arm. I will post a picture of this new break in the morning. I really hope he is not in too much pain, he was screaming rather a lot. And of course I am slightly worried about Covid-19 being present at the hospital.

I can hear Tara crying upstairs. I had better go up and see how she is taking it. I’m still not too sure of what actually happened. Thank you all for reading.

This new photo (below) is Caleb’s new ‘fracture’ look on opposed arm! Oh dear…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

58 thoughts on “Caleb is Just Off to Hospital with Another Broken Arm”

      1. Thank you Macey. With the panic over and a sunny, hot day in front of us, I’m feeling optimistic. Family life in ‘The Shires’ certainly has its ups and downs.


    1. Dear Macey and Britt. He returned last night with John at 10pm. The others had finally tired and were asleep. Giving him the chance for a good nights sleep. They managed to reset it there and then. So we are hoping it heals without any problem. Tara is all over him this morning. She loves him dearly, as do we all. Lots of hugs right back to our ‘Norwegian Aunties’ – an update later and many thanks for your kind concerns 🙂

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  1. Oh, Andi! I am so sorry. Little ones can get into so much. I truly hope it’s not something that’s going to keep him unhappy and out of commission for a long time. I know his siblings are worried about him and I know you are too. I send you some tight hugs from afar.

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    1. Good morning Tre. Thank you so much for your kind wishes. He got back at 10pm completely exhausted. All up now – a new day. He seems happy and Tara is insisting on being his right hand! We will of course muddle through. Those hugs reciprocated, very tightly.

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      1. Aww, Tara is such a good big sister. You’re most welcome and I am glad he is in good spirits. Happy Friday! Here’s hoping the weekend is kind to you all.

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    1. Thank you so much Susan. I just received a call. They are on their way home from the hospital. I was told that ‘it is not a perfect set, but he is young, so there shouldn’t be any major problem’. I do hope not. Thank you so much for your concern.

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      1. Good morning Margie! He was home at 10pm. Exhausted but thankfully no problem with resetting his arm, now in a sling. Last heats sling didn’t really work. An update lates, but Tara trying her hardest to be his right arm. Bless her and her compassion for her little brother. Thank you for your most kind words dear Margie.

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  2. Sorry Andi. I hit the like button automatically when actually there’s nothing to like about this; you must be worried. Poor Caleb! Tara is no doubt upset and feels responsible. I am sure they are taking every precaution regarding the virus and I just hope he gets seen quickly and you get them both back later tonight. Hang in there!

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    1. Absolutely… you are an oracle of good sense Anna! I just heard the break is clean, so yes! Back home for both of them in a couple of hours. The luge us appreciated, it is a sign of considered support! An update tomorrow I guess. Tara is so thoughtful, a little reckless too! I love them all so much. Thank you


  3. Oh no. So sorry for the little guy. I can deeply sympathize. I broke my left radius bone completely in half in 2018. It luckily didn’t break the skin. I had to have surgery later and I now have a plate that connects the bone. I also have a huge scar from wrist to elbow. It’s healed now though sometimes I feel a small pain because of the plate. Hope he gets better soon.

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    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your comment. I just heard the break is clean. I am so happy to hear that. But saddened that your break was not. The plate sounds awkward, sadly having to live with it, but knowing that it helped in the bigger picture has it’s relief I guess.

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      1. Thank goodness it’s a clean break. They are definitely quicker to heal. My break and plate is a little awkward as a reminder to not bind the wrist wrong… so in a way it’s a good thing for this plate.

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      2. Life’s ups and downs… u am wishing you well. The recovery is well underway for you. That is a good thing. And I remember Caleb’s last break healed quickly enough! I just mentioned that children are made out of rubber balls and elastic bands however! 🙂

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  4. Oh no! Hopefully it’s a clean break and they can set it without surgery. Then he can come home for some double Daddy cuddles. ((HUGS)) to you and Tara. 🙏🏻💔

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      1. The next morning now. Thank you so much for the message JJ. Our little man seems cheery, though a little quieter than usual.the break was clean thankfully, so reset and home late last night. My panic from last night over. His smile has returned. There will no doubt be an update later. Big hugs to you and much thanks for your kind words 😀 there! I’ve even managed an emoji…

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      1. Andi, I know how distressed you must be, it’s so hard when our children hurt and we can’t help! He is in good hands with John, poor little guy though! 😦

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      2. I know he will get through it. But twice in a year! He is ballistic, thee we t all can be in fact. Tara’s crying upstairs was because Caleb blamed her when he came in and I said Tara can’t play with him any more. I was upset and angry.

        I have reassured her however that it was not her fault, he was just scared and sad. We all had some hugs. She is happier now.

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