Three little Bears Home From School

What can I say! Only Caleb and Aaliyah made it into school today. Our other three little bears were off with that bug that is going around.

Just left Sindy to do the school pickup with our three little troopers in the back of the car. She dropped me off in the local town centre and I’ve been scouting the shops for Birthday presents for Tara and Amritsar’s big 7th Birthday next month. Funny that it is my birthday that coming up next week and here I am searching for gifts for the girls.

This year my birthday falls on half term and we are away for the week in Cornwall, leaving on Saturday afternoon. More on that at the time of course. We are doing a birthday meal on the Thursday of this week. Again, more on that at the time I guess.

It’s pouring with rain at the moment and the storm winds are still a little blustery. Wow, wasn’t last night bad across the whole of the U.K.? Winds of 80mph! As a result, at the edge of the woodlands at the bottom of our garden a fir tree has uprooted besides the driveway. Thankfully the wind had blown it down in towards the woodland and not the driveway. It will need some action taken in order to make the surrounding area safe. Though I must add, when cut into rounds, there will be a good supply of firewood for next winter.

Sindy about due at this point so I will sign off. As ever, thank you for reading.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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